Some Cool Tricks for C++ Beginners in Competitive Programming


Are you trying to learn C++? If yes, then this article is specifically designed for you. Every beginner should read this post to understand the basic tricks to stand in the competitive programming environment. That’s because to be an advanced C++ programmer and to establish your career in this programming field, you have to be swift.

You have to design your codes swiftly and properly to survive the competitive environment. To learn the art of designing dynamic programs using C++, you have to master with time and lots of practice. So, if you want to master this art, then we have some cool tricks for you. These tricks will help you a lot in designing dynamic programs as a beginner.

#1. Auto Keywords

By using the auto keywords to declare data types, you can save lots of time when you have to create programs on short notice. You can define a variable as auto so that compiler can automatically determine the data types. This way you can save lots of time by not typing long codes again and again. You just have to define variable one time and compiler will work automatically.


auto a = 100; // a will become ‘int’
auto b = 1LL; // b will become ‘long long’
auto c = 1.0; // c will become ‘double’
auto d = “variable”; // d will become ‘string’

#2. Watch Macro

Watching macro is one of the coolest and useful tricks for C++ programmers ever. Suppose, if you are debugging your code, then watch your variable. It will print the name of the variable and its value. This trick is possible as it is constructed in preprocessing time.


define watch(x) cout << (#x) << ” is ” << (x) << end!

#3. Use typedef

By using a typedef, you can save a lot of time. You can save your time which you might have to spend rewriting the snippet again and again. This trick is a real time saver for a programmer who has to create codes quickly.


typedef long long ll;
typedef pair w;
typedef vector va;
typedef vector vb;
typedef vector vc;

#4. Use gcd()

This is an inbuilt function which helps in evaluating the greatest common divisor of two numbers. The gcd() is present in the algorithm header file. Using this function will automatically evaluate the divisor number between numbers.

#5. Use \n

With the \n, you can add a new line in the code quickly. This function will add a break in much faster than using the other functions like endl. You can add new quickly and that’s without any hassle.

#6. Don’t Use ios::sync_with_stdio(false)

If you use ios::sync_with_stdio(false) at the beginning of your code, you’ll make cin and cout as fast as printf and scanf, but you’ll no longer be able to use neither printf nor scanf. By avoiding this function, you can prevent your lots of time from wasting.

Well, folks if you are new in learning C++ Programming language, then you should definitely try out above mention tricks. Hope, you enjoyed our post as much as we enjoyed it sharing with you all. We will be shortly back with some other cool tricks to stay connected.

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