Sophisticated CSS User Series Part V: Eye Soothing CSS Examples


Live Examples of CSS Creativity

Well, CSS has numerous customizing features that can achieve your dream of getting the perfect website in few codes. From the animated features to visual friendly typography, the CSS features are outrageously outstanding. And, a number of web developers have proven this fact by creating stylish and lucrative CSS based websites.

So, people, if after reading all the previous Sophisticated CSS User Series, you are fully charged to implement CSS on your site and looking for some creative inspiration. Then, my friend, you are knocking on the right door as we are about to share some seriously cool and interesting examples of the CSS.

#1. Type Terms

Type Terms is a typography cheat sheet created by the Supremo, a web designing team at Manchester. This team does some deep online research on the typography and searched very simple typography tricks. The team was looking to experiment with the SVG and CSS animation, and this project exactly gave them the opportunity to play.

The team highly emphasis on the importance of typography in the career of a web developer. And, they encourage both new and old web developers to play with the typography.

#2. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is the oldest technology reviewing publication with the almost 117 years of presence. The website of MIT Technology Review clearly defines the clean Swiss design. Whereas all technology websites are concentrating on images, the website of MIT Technology Review offers a refreshing view.

Instead of using the system default version of Helvetica that we all know today, the site features Neue Haas Grotesk, the original version of Helvetica, which really drives the modern feel. Moreover, pairing it with the typography gives contemporary yet classic appeal.

#3. BucketListly

BucketListly is a very beautifully designed inspiring platform which helps the community to share their achievement stories with other people. The whole system of BucketListly is made up using Ruby on Rails with HTML5, SCSS, CoffeeScript, and jQuery.

The platform gives the opportunity to travelers and social workers to share their stories with other people. Moreover, it has a unique system which automatically defines when, where and how the story happened and mark it over the map.

#4. 96 Elephants

US-based Viget Labs has created a wildlife preservation campaign to save the African Elephants. Their latest campaign is called 96 Elephants because that amount of elephants get daily killed in Africa. The website created to get the petition sign-ups for the campaign is so artistically designed that it tells the sad story of African Elephants in a poetic way. So, for some real creative inspiration, you must visit this site.

#5. Merge Records

Merge Records in Durham, North Carolina, with bands like Arcade Fire, Superchunk and The Mountain Goats on the roster, has partnered with the Newfangled to build a world-class e-commerce experience to match the quality of its artists.

NewfangledCMS is building on the HTML5 and CSS3, the site responds beautifully to different device sizes. The new system is automated to keep a record of all the records of the company.

#6. Envoy

Envoy is a product based website which focuses on registration at the office. It offers an elegant iPad based interface to collect digital signatures, capturing names and printing visual badges on the spot. Envoy is created to promote the apps mainly, but for that, they offer highly stylish website.

The site is designed into the mockup iPad to view the apps in a unique manner. As you scroll down the one page, the demo app gets loaded. CSS transitions are used to help aid in the demonstration, enhancing the experience without ever getting in the way of the content.

The End

Well, if after checking out all these amazing CSS based websites you are not inspired, then you are not ready to design site yet. But, if you are buzzing with the inspiration after fueling out these stunning artwork of CSS, the best of luck my mate and blow some minds with your creativity. And, keep sharing your love with us, so that we can keep on creating dynamic tech series for you.

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