Star Students Program by LCO


What is Star Students Program?

Our team realized the need to showcase the talent of star students at Learn Code Online. A chance to get featured on our official website to inspire others.
Your story can inspire thousands of more students in India. So we have decided to showcase the story of star students who have achieved wonders by learning to code from us.
We are already receiving so much of love and support from India and our email is full of such game-changing stories.
Countless websites, android apps, iOS apps etc. are published by our learners. Some of our star students have got a great job, some have expanded their home business by developing a website, some of them has started learning to code after 40 years of age and is a successful freelancer today.

Getting featured on LCO can give sky rocket to your resume, we are here to support you.

Building a portfolio and your existence on the internet is what matters in the 21st century. Your resume can become more powerful by showcasing what you have achieved and the way you are appreciated by us with your live working links.
The contribution of your story could inspire to expand this hard-working coding community and you could be the motivation behind the success of some other coder.

How to apply?

Feel free to drop us an email on or with your stylish photo, story and live working links of your creation which has boosted your confidence.
[Photo is compulsory to be submitted]

“We are excited to hear from you.
Coding could be the game changer of your life, you could be the next to get featured with us” – Team LCO


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