Startup’s Should Consider Adopting React Native


React Native For Startup’s

Okay, so today we are going to again talk about the react native. Yeah, we have covered numerous react native topics previously, but still, this topic is highly important, if you are a tech startup company, then you must read this article carefully. Because getting higher MVP, without losing the scalability of your company in the process, is your sole goal.

Delivering work in an effective and efficient way is your business objective. So, if to achieve this, you have to shed some blood, then so be it. Okay, we are joking, as you don’t have to shed some blood. But, you have to start using react native to smooth your startup phase. Don’t get, then lets us narrate your story from the beginning.

First Comes The Language

In your startup IoT process, you have to make the important decision of selecting the programming language for the project. As today plenty of interesting and challenging programming languages are available in the market.

But, you should always select programming language on the basis of the scalability and easy connectivity with other programming languages. And, currently on the GitHub, only one language is trending and that would be JavaScript. Numerous nerds who like typed language with lots of memory management and hates web browsing won’t agree with this.

But, when the internet itself is speaking this language, then who we are to ignore this language. Moreover, with the introduction of AngularJS in 2010 by Google, everything is now transformed to the JavaScript. This one programming language has further lead to the formation of numerous another programming language such as ReactJS, VueJs, JavaScript-based Node and it helped Javascript to grow in popularity.  

So, the react native language can offer you both scalability and performance for your startup app.

React Native For Startup’s

First of all, take a moment and appreciate the initiative of Facebook building a Native app using React. This step of Facebook has almost given a shock to numerous app developers.

If you have worked with the Xamarin by Microsoft in back days, then you know how clumsy it is to work with this language. Even the C# is not at all easy to get along with plus if you hire creative designers for the project, then converting it to the app becomes very difficult.

Well, if you have tried your luck with other competitive programming languages like Titanium, and Ionic, then you must know how poor and underperforming these languages are. Being a startup, you have to deliver speed and performance to your users. And, the high tech performance can be only driven by the react native.

Using react native, you will get declaration elements and native user interface. With react native, declarative components that you can reuse on the Web with ReactJS if you ever decided to have an app on the browsers, and state-dependent views, so you won’t care about updating them when the state changes because the framework does it for you.

The UI in react native is rendered using the real-time view, so the actual web view isn’t different from the preview as compared to programming languages like Titanium or Ionic.

React Native runs on the basic principle of “Learn once and write everywhere”. That’s why with react native from top to bottom, you can write code base everywhere. No, need to use different IDEs.


Your MVP will have the basic features delivering your values to the market with the react native. As long as, you want to grow and want to add new libraries and change the app architecture with your growth in the market. For example, you can do data management with the props in the MVP state, but when your data became more complex, then you can use Flux or Redux.

So, startup people, you should only trust React Native for your IoT as it got everything that you are looking for.

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