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Do you use computers? Well, of course, you do, but some of you might be not aware of one habit of the computer. You see friends computer has a weird habit of naming each folder differently and uniquely. Which is a good habit as you can easily locate any file. So, the folder where all your online activities and data related to it stored is called as Hosts File.

Hosts File has all the information related to web configuration stored on your PC. The File consists of domain names and IP addresses login via your system. In short, this is the place where your web browser contacts before opening any web page for you. So, nothing is hidden from the Hosts File and this is a very valid reason to know more about it.

Address of Hosts File

Okay, so if you want to now visit Host File and search for some IP addresses, then we have an address for you. To locate Hosts File on Windows computer you can follow this pathway.


Now, let me clear few things. You will open “C” Drive only if your system is installed in it, if not then search according to it. Secondly, this address is according to Windows system, if you are using any other OS, then address of Hosts File will be different. Lastly, Hosts File will open in notepad, word pad or in some other word editor.

Tweak with IP addresses of any Domain name

Well, as the main function of Hosts File is to store IP address of any domain name. Then let me show you the art of finding IP address of any domain name from Hosts File. The trick is very simple, we are going to use the command prompt to search IP address. This command is by default present in every system or you can use Control+R to run a utility.

The default Command prompt window will appear after pressing enter. The last line of the view says something like “C:\Users\User name>, where username is the specific username of your computer. Now right down domain in “ping domain name” dialogue box and press enter. Within a second IP address of your domain name will appear on your screen.

Major benefit of Hosts File

Well, experts can write down numerous benefits of Hosts File, but the major benefit of Hosts File is blocked feature. Yep, this feature is loved my parents and bosses very much as with this they can control the activities of their children and employees. With Hosts File, you can block access to any website from your system.  

Simply open configured Hosts File on your system in notepad. Now imagine you want to block from the system. Then simply go at the end of the hosts file and write ””. Save the change and trust me after that your kids won’t be able to access Facebook ever again on your computer. Parents must be right now making a list of websites that they want to block, sorry kids.

Sum up

As you might have figured out by now that Hosts File is a very important part of your system. You can edit them or can hack with them, so its fun learning them.

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