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Editing in Executing manner:

Well, WordPress is a sacred place for bloggers. Where they can write their heart out, but unfortunately heart doesn’t know about SEO and readability functions. So, that’s why it required numerous editing to create one dynamic WordPress website. But, sometimes an expert programmer also gets stuck in the middle of the editing process. And, which eventually leads to the error formation in website coding. Trust me blokes when I say it isn’t an easy task to locate these errors. You may have to pay a couple of hundred bucks to the professional programmer for a tiny error.

Text Editing or Cowboy Editing?

If you are regular WordPress visitor, then you must be familiar with term “cowboy editing”. This is a very cool tool to edit your WordPress website. But, it comes with a tiny issue that if you make an error, it can bring your whole site down in minutes. Moreover, there isn’t any ” undo” button available. That’s why using text editor is a very fine choice as you can undo your work numerous times without any error. The programming with text editor eases out a website owner’s life. You can actually create something creative with this tool. The text editor is the best way to edit WordPress without any hassle.

Okay, so text editor mainly comes in two ways. One who has built-in FTP functionality, which makes this a little bit easier. But, you can also get the same functionality if your FTP program has edit capability. So, here we will discuss both the text editors and understand which text editor is best for you.

Text Editor without FTTP Built-in

Well, here we got an example how editing works in a text editor without FTTP function. In this example, we are taking Filezilla as a source as it is applicable in both PCs and Macs. It works something like, this:

  • Firstly, connects with your server.
  • Then look for directory your file you want to edit is saved.
  • Right-click on the file and drop down box menu will appear. Here click on edit option.
  • Edit your file in text editor and save it in the text editor.
  • Switch back to Filezilla and approve the upload.

Text Editor with FTTP Built-in

Okay, that was pretty much easy to edit, but why to use this when we have much easier options available. Now, we will discuss the text editor with built-in FTTP function and how editor friendly they are. There are numerous applications available in both Apple App store and Windows App store. But, in my limited words, I’ll provide you information in the context of two amazing Mac apps.

  1. TextWrangler. This very simple and feature packed available in the App Store for free. This app got few nice features, such as Multiple undos, Automatic save FTP and SFTP support or Open multiple documents in a window.
  2. Espresso. Another super functional Mac app with few extra features, then TextWrangler. The features as, CSSEdit3, Code sense and code folding, Sync capability, Live styling and much more.


In my wrap, I would say that using text editor can save you from lots of hard work and repetition of work. So, guys if the easier option is available to edit WordPress, then go grab it now.

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