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what is NLP In ML?


Hello Folks! In this blog, we will understand the concept of NLP and its uses. So, keep up with the blog. Chaliye shuru karte hai! 🙂 The Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to all systems that work together to handle end-to-end interactions between the machines and humans in the preferred language of the human. In other words, NLP lets people and machines talk to each other...

What is Chatbot?


Hello Folks! Get your reading glasses out, today you’re going to learn everything there is know about Chatbots 🤖 The first chatbot ever was developed by MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum in the 1960s. It was called ELIZA. Simulated conversation using pattern matching and substitution. ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) was developed in 1995 by Richard Wallace. Unlike...

What’s the difference between AI,Machine Learning & Deep Learning?


From being dismissed as science fiction to becoming an intergral part of multiple,wildly popular movie series especially one starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, AI has been part of our lives longer than we realize.In fact, turing test , which was developed by Alan turing during the period of WW2,has been widely attributed as intelligence test for machines.As a field AI, as seen most Ups and downs in...

How AI is Shaping Organizations?


Embracing automation is a necessity in the current environment. It plays a key role in enabling productivity,improve customer service and enable businesses to grow more agile. This will trigger a new wave of growth in generating jobs. The key to individual is to be flexible and re-skill to develop and succeed.

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