Top 5 Javascript libraries and frameworks


With millions of developments in the past two decades, the world of developing has completely transformed. With technology taking over the world, the crown goes to none other than Javascript. Javascript is the mother of all the leading software in the world and has powered innumerable revolutions and disruptions in the world of technology. This is especially true for web developers who have been...

What is the future of Node JS after the release of Deno JS – Deno JS VS Node JS


The wait is finally over! Ryan Dahl made a big announcement which caused everyone to wonder about the future of Node JS. Hundreds of blogs and videos have thousands of opinions and predictions about the upcoming technology. I have even read comments where people are already planning to revamp their software with the new technology as they believe it covers all the flaws that existed in NodeJS. To...

Authentication in Nodejs using Passport.js


Hello once again, In this article I would be teaching you authentication in nodejs using express and passport.js I know working with passport.js is a little bit tricky and confusing, but trust me I’ll make it really simple. I would highly recommend you to code along with me to better understand the flow of the code. Note: Before we begin I would like you to understand the...

Authentication in Nodejs using JSON web tokens (JWT)


Hey there, In this article, we would be learning how to implement authentication in nodejs using express and JWT aka JSON web tokens What are JSON web tokens? JSON web tokens or JWT is a simple long string that contains some data in an encoded way. Sounds confusing? here is an example A Sample JWT String may look like: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9...

Building REST API with Node.js


A few years back, the only way to run a javascript code was in web browsers. But after the birth of Nodejs, we could run javascript code outside of the web browser. Node.js provides a run time environment to run javascript code. It is built on the chrome‚Äôs open-source V8 engine. After being said that let’s build a real REST API in Node.js & Express from scratch. I’ll be...

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