Tech Literacy is Key Survival Point Today in Workplace


Tech Literacy Is The Must

This is a very important question that we will be discussing today on this portal. Numerous students before enrolling in the advance LearnCodeOnline programming courses ask themselves this question. That how come tech literacy will help them in surviving in the workplaces. To answer this question we simply ask our offline students of Jaipur institution and online students to monitor their workplace.

If you clearly monitor your workplace, then you will find out that whether you are a musician or an office clerk, everything around you is connected with the technology one or another way. But, this leads us to the one another question that “what level of technology literacy is required to succeed in the workplace today”.

To be honest, today your level of professional success highly depends on the level of your tech literacy. In 2016, Pew Research Center surveyed “The State of American Jobs,” and found that 87% of workers believe that for them to keep up with the changes in the workplace, they need efficient training to develop new job skills. So, for survival in the workplace, you need to be pro in technology and with this, we have a few questions ahead of us.  

How To Rate Your Tech Literacy

Well, tech literacy is important at work but how will you rate your level of tech literacy. Now, you can’t actually rate your level of tech literacy in today’s changing technology environment. But, still, according to a report conducted by Researchscape International, only 16% people at workplace think of themselves as totally tech literate.  Whereas 45% of people don’t think of themselves as tech literate.

Being a tech-literate doesn’t mean that you have to be totally dependent on the technology. It means that you have to learn the level of technology which will help your career to grow in a positive way. But, it doesn’t mean that you totally become dependent on the technology for your every work. Because if you do so then the fear of Albert Einstein might come true where he believes that technology will make man one idiot.

Do Companies Preparing Their Employs For The Future Tech Growth

Okay, so the next question here is that whether corporate companies are preparing their workers to be part of future technology growth or not. Because top-level management and lower level working employees have a deep connection with each other. So, let’s take the help of facts to clarify the question.

According to a report constructed by Researchscape International on the basis of the survey conducted from 26th May to 28th May 2018, 56% of employees believe that their employers aren’t preparing them to grow ahead. The employees believe that they are not trained to handle the curve balls thrown by technology in their way. They somehow feel that their employers are not serious about the subject either.

Steps That Companies Should Take To Tech Literate Their Employees

To enhance the level of tech literacy among the workforce of your company, you should take the following initiatives:

  • You should give your employees extra incentives to participate in boot camps and private coding schools like LearnCodeOnline.
  • Open up the gateway of communication between the tech workers and non-tech workers, so that nontech workers can learn new things from them.
  • The fun way of learning the technology should be introduced in the company like emoji creating contests or interesting webinar’s.
  • Improving the scale of workers by teaching them marketing, HR, and other upper-level skills.
  • Offer company sponsored boot camps during the year on the latest innovations in the tech industry. Blockchain, AI, VR, IoT, IoE, etc.

So, in nutshell, we can say to thrive in your workplace, you need to get tech literate. And, the best way to learn technology while working would be getting enlisted with the offsite and on-site coding boot camps.

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