Technical SEO Traps That Can Really Affect You


SEO Technical Mistakes

Search engine optimization is the one of the coolest and easiest way to generate organic traffic. If the SEO is correctly implemented on the website then no one can stop that site from succeeding. But, that’s the real issue as we generally think that keyword and backlinking is SEO. Whereas the area of SEO is much wider than that.

There are plenty of technical aspects involved in the search engine optimization out of which half of them are unknown to the regular developer. And, sometimes these technical aspects of SEO became so fussy that instead of improving your traffic rate, they start to reduce it.

So, if you are doing everything correctly according to you, but, still, haven’t received the desired results. Then, check out guys, maybe you are trapped in the technical dodge of the SEO.

Well, we have made the list of technical SEO traps that can really affect the performance of your website. So, take look at each SEO technical trap and save yourself from the technical pothole.

#1. Overzealous Robots.txt Files

The robots.txt files are the important part of your website’s SEO. These files allow web crawler and search engine index to reach your site and index them. You might be heard plenty of reasons about not allowing web crawlers to reach your site and the error in the robots.txt file is one of the biggest reason.

A common technique to mitigate duplicate content issues when migrating a website, disallowing entire servers will cause whole sites not to get indexed. So, if your migrated site is failing to generate traffic, then immediately check your robots.txt file. If your file is showing this code:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

This means your overzealous files are stopping web crawler from reaching your site. This can be easily solved by giving the specifying command to each file and folder.

#2. Inadvertent NoIndex Tags

The robots tags go along with the robots.txt file. In fact, it can be wise to double up by using the meta robots tag on a page you’ve disallowed via robots.txt. The reason is that robots.txt won’t stop web crawler from indexing the page which they received from another link. So, it leaves your page indexed which you don’t want to index.

So, the simple solution to this problem is to add a meta robots noindex tag to the page which you don’t want to get indexed. You should something like:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>

#3. Unoptimized Redirects

It doesn’t matter how much you want to avoid using 301 redirects, but, still, you have to use them. The redirects help in moving your site to another location without disturbing the link juices, authorities and power of the page. But, 301 redirects will only help you until they are implemented correctly. If there is a problem in implementing them or you forget to maintain them, then they might cause a problem in search engine optimization.

#4. Mismatching Canonical URLs

Along with the canonical redirects URLs, the mismatching urls can also impact the SEO of your site. Mismatch canonical URL situation occurs when the URL used in a page’s canonical tag doesn’t match other places you should be using your canonical URL. The mismatch canonical situation occurs in two situations:

  • Sitemap Mismatch – This occurs when the link present in the canonical tags doesn’t match the URL of the site.
  • Relative Links – Search engines only understands the full URL links, so using the file, folder or tag won’t take you anywhere.

#5. Hreflang Return Tag Errors

The hreflang tag is used to direct the crawler to the alternative link of the same page in the different languages. The alternative language page is used by the user of a different nation. If you have an international audience then having an hreflang tag is important for you.

But, sometimes while implementing the hreflang tag issue of “return tag error” occurs. Which means web page A refers to web page B, but web page B doesn’t refer to page A in the hreflang tag.

Wrap Up

Well, people dodging these five technical SEO traps won’t keep your site on the top. For that, you have to perform a number of on page and off page SEO tricks. But, indeed this can save you from falling into the deeper technical pothole.

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