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Well, hello, readers, hope you are ready for one another informative session on PHP. We have said on numerous occasions that PHP is the most lucrative web development language. However, to develop functional tools using PHP, you need to get few tools. The IDEs make the work of developers easy and fast.

So, if you have just started using PHP and looking for the best IDE, then there you got Codelobster PHP edition. It is a free IDE available for the windows platform. There are plenty of other tools and IDEs available in the market, but Codelobster PHP edition is considered the best among all of them. This program is used by the thousands of PHP developers and they fully vote for this IDE.

If you are wondering why every other PHP developer is voting for the Codelobster PHP edition and what makes this IDE so popular? Then, let find out the answers.

Furious Features of Codelobster PHP Edition

Okay, so interesting features and the usefulness of the Codelobster PHP edition is what makes it popular among the PHP developers community. This PHP IDE got plenty of cool features such as;

• Supports languages.

Codelobster PHP edition supports various other programming languages apart from the PHP. Like, it can highlight codes in JavaScript and CSS languages.

• HTML automation.

This program got a very useful feature where it autocompletes the HTML codes. It can automatically complete the HTML tags, attributes for the current tag and the closing tag as well.

• CSS autocomplete.

Just like HTML, Codelobster PHP edition offers to autocomplete features for the CSS also. It completes style property names and values automatically in the CSS.

• JavaScript autocomplete.

It even offers the facility of autocompleting the advanced JavaScript features. This IDE can autocomplete keywords, DOM elements, and their properties.

• PHP autocomplete.

So, being the best PHP IDE, it has the feature of autocompleting the complexed PHP advanced codes. This feature helps in increasing the code writing speed of the developers as they won’t have too long codes manually.

• PHP Debugger.

It has special PHP debugger which enables developers to debug PHP applications during the development process. But, before running the debugger, you have to configure it.

• SQL manager.

It helps developers to produce all necessary actions with the database. Codelobster PHP edition includes adding, delete, edit a structure and records in tables, to export data, execute SQL queries. The autocompletion features also work in the favor for SQL files.

• Miscellaneous features.

This PHP IDE also includes various other features also such as; HTML, CSS, PHP code validator, navigation by holding CTRL key, pair highlighting, pair selection, portable option, split window, zen coding, emmet, code folding (collapsing), tags and attributes selection commands, tooltip, class view, preview in a browser, project manager.

• Supports.

It supports numerous popular CMS frameworks and plugins too. It powers AngularJS, Drupal, Facebook, jQuery, Joomla, Laravel, Smarty, WordPress, Yii, etc., There is the wide range of CMS platforms available who are using the Codelobster PHP Edition today and has been very happy with it.

So, you see folks, after going through all these interesting features of Codelobster PHP Edition, we can totally vote in the favor of this PHP IDE. That’s why if you are looking for the perfect IDE, then you know which one to try.

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