The Best Security Chrome Extensions to Adopt in 2019


The Internet is a web of information from where you can retrieve any kind or form of the information with the help of web browsers. However, there’s no guarantee that the information result shown by your web browser is from the secured and safe website link. There are numerously polluted and infected website links are available which can infect your computer with the malware or can steal your personal information.

But, if you use the Google Chrome web browser, then you have the option to install security chrome extensions to offer you the security and safety.

Well, if you are wondering what are security chrome extensions, then they are tools available on the Chrome Web Store to offer you the safe browsing experience. They help in eliminating the threat from the websites link and protects your personal information. So, if you have not been using the Security Chrome Extensions, then start using them in 2019 for safe browsing experience. You can secure your browsing by installing following security chrome extensions.

Top Security Chrome Extensions of 2019

#1. HTTP Everywhere

Users – 2.1 million

HTTP is a notation which is generally used for the secured and authorized website. But, folks there’s nothing secured on the Internet as all the websites are using HTTP these days. So, there is no guarantee that the website you are browsing is 10% secured.

So, here HTTP Everywhere can help you in searching the secured website. This chrome extension rewrites the request you send to any website you want to visit in Chrome so you can be sure your browser produces the secure version of that site. Browser here make sure that your personal information stays protected and malware won’t attack your system.

#2. Click&Clean

Users – 3.4 million

If you have been using your web browser to search different material for your studies and work daily, then your web history must be swamped. However, it’s highly time consuming and boring task to clean your web browsing history. So, here the Click&Clean Chrome Extension allows you to clean cache, URL searches, website cookies, and download history with a single click of a button on your browser toolbar. The extension can even virus scan your whole computer system.

#3. Ghostery

Users – 2.7 million

Ghostery is a well designed and sophisticated Extension which blocks all the unwanted ads that interrupts you while viewing the particular website. This tool also disguises your personal data which means ads can’t access your personal information. These features of the chrome extension help improve the upload time of web pages and improve your browsing experience to a great extent.

#4. Checkbot

Users – 15 thousand

Checkbot is a classic tool which combines the features of SEO with security features to analyze both the safety and optimization features of your website. That’s because web browsers like Google want quality content with the additional feature of security as well. This tool can be helpful for both the web developers and website content creators. You can check the speed, SEO and security of 250 URL free with this Extension.

#5. Avast Online Security

Users – 10+ million

Avast Online Security is an online reputation checking plugin for various websites. This tool checks every website you for any suspicious information and checks the reputation of every site to click on. In turn, you can rate the websites you visit to help Avast get better at flagging potentially unsafe web pages while on Chrome.

So, web browsers, you can truly elevate your browsing experience and improve the security of your system with the help of these extensions. But, download only if  chrome extensions as some extensions might slow down the speed of web browser. So, keep this in mind and install the useful security chrome extensions in your Google Chrome browser.

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