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Are you a web developer? Does Designing a new and innovative web-based application is your dream?

Then, my friend, apart from being pro coder and creative thinker, you need the assistance of few web development tools. Tools that will help you in creating dynamic web projects which can’t be beaten by anybody. The web development tools are like your well-trained assistant who will help you out in complexed process of the web development.

Well, the numerous types of web development tools are available in the market. Which can help you in creating and reviewing the code, testing and debugging the code? Overall, for every web development feature, a tool to complete that task is available.

So, in the rush of all these web development tools, developers get confused and always picks the wrong tool and later they regret their decision. That’s why in this list, we will shorten our search and will only focus on the three basic web development tools. Such as:

Building The Application

The first basic step in designing the web project would be writing the code. You can whether use standard HTML or dynamic code like PHP or ASP.NET to write down the structure of your code. But, if we have to name the one web development tool to build the application, then you can trust the WebMatrix.

This tool is totally free and offers numerous unique templates. The software can build prototype and final products easily. Apart from being the Microsoft product, this tool can operate on PHP-based applications and those using HTML/CSS/JavaScript standards can use it also.

Well, Window’s system isn’t best for the web development projects, so if you don’t like the system. Then, you can go with Dreamweaver, Brackets, or a cloud-based tool such as Cloud9 also.

A Good Browser Tool

Having a good and feature loaded browser tool is important for the maintenance of the website. In the browser tools, we have two great options Firefox and Google Chrome. Firefox is a great web browsing tool and offers plenty of features, but Google Chrome is the best.

You can edit any webpage with the Google Chrome like JavaScript, HTML DOM, CSS classes, and elements. Moreover, the fly quick view edit of CSS files offered by chrome is the best feature. The tool can easily access the JavaScript console in few clicks. So, to be honest, Google Chrome is the best web browser tool.

A Good Base

The web developers also require few basic web development tools for the better performance. So, the must-have web foundation tool is Bootstrap. It allows you to design powerful interfaces that confirm or respond to the user platform. It is a simple tool that needs little practice to work with.

Apart from these three must have web development tools, you can also use; for quickly creating prototypes, PhoneGap for mobile development, BrowserStack for testing, and free JavaScript libraries such as Modernizr and Chart.js.

So, web developers, pick out the right tool and ease out your life.

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