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Are you looking forward to being an iOS developer? Do you want to play the Swift Programming language to create dynamic iOS apps from scratch? Then, you must be a big time Apple fan who knows the potential of this platform very well.

Swift has been currently used by the iOS developers to give dimensions to their creations. This programming language has been part of an iOS family for a very long period now, so in short, to be an iOS developer you got to learn it. However, apart from the Swift language, there are plenty of other must-knows for iOS developers. So, some of the things that iOS dev should know are;

-1. How to Source Control

Okay, so once you cracked the job interview for iOS dev, you will be probably asked to fetch the codes from repo and start work. Now, what the heck is this? Well, folks, as we know every project, requires a source control, even if you are working on basics. The common source controls are Git and SVN.

SVN is a centralized system of management. The central repository where working copies are generated. Its access is fully authorized by path based, the changes are tracked by registering files and change history can be only seen by the repository. The copies only cont the latest versions. Git functions on the distributed system of management. In it, you are working on the local repository. The access is authorized for the entire directory, track change will be registered content and the repository both.

-2. The Structural Pattern

If you are taking the sigh of relief after learning about the source control, then don’t get too relaxed yet. Because before fumbling with the actual codes, you got to learn a few more things as well, such as architecture pattern. When you are not starting the project, then you have to confirm the implemented pattern. There are different types of patterns used in the app development like MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, etc.

It might not seem a vital topic, but the well-organized code can prevent you from an immersive headache. The major mistake every iOS developer does in his career that to get the desired result, they let go organizing code in the wrong illusion of saving the time.

-3. C vs Swift

When you are deciding about the programming language for your project, then you need to analyze the benefits of each language. Well, professionally we recommend all the iOS developers to use Swift language. Why?

To be brutally honest, C objective language has only a few advantages over the Swift. Most of the examples and tutorials are written in Objective-C and with every update to Swift, adjustments are made to the paradigms, which can be disheartening. But, don’t worry as these issues are already handled a long time ago.

Swift has gone way far than objective C. This is an easy to read, just like English and as it’s not framed around the C, so it drops legacy conventions. Those people who know C, for them it means no more semicolons, methods calls don’t require brackets and no requirements for parentheses to surround conditional expressions. Moreover, it’s way easier to maintain codes in Swift as it only needs a.swift file instead of a.h or a.m files.

Not yet convinced? Well, Swift is safe, fast and takes care of memory as well. Now, what you need more from your programming language iOS developers.

No, we are not finishing here folks, it’s just a small interval as we have lots of other must-knows to share with you. For that, you have to wait for our next post, till than toddles!

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