The Perfect Programming Language To Develop Your First App


Which language should I learn first to develop my mobile app?

This question has been raised my number of learncodeonline readers, so if thought let’s address this important question and offer some relief to our loyal readers. So, guys, if you want to start your journey as an app developer, then you should first learn……

The Great JavaScript!

Now, if you are asking the big question why? Then, let’s see why;

JavaScript is the best programming language to start your journey as an app developer because it is an open source language. We cannot here emphasis more on the word open sourced. This feature gives JavaScript leverage over all other programming languages like Java, C, C+, Swift, etc., The quality of JavaScript accepting different frameworks and libraries has eased out the life to a great extent.

Now, we know that being famous doesn’t make something good as well, but in the case of the JavaScript, this is true. It is the most used programming language simply because it is very convenient and easy to adopt language which makes the process of developing easier for beginners.

Okay, so if you want us to justify our answer with more explanation, then let’s do that because we are here to serve you;

Flavored Framework

JavaScript can easily connect with any framework due to its open source feature. The framework is a flavored mutation of the generic programming language. There are plenty of different popular frameworks available for developers to use. But, the frameworks which can be perfectly paired with JavaScript are like; Rest, Vue, React Native, Electron, etc.,

Easy to Learn

When you are going to learn a programming language for the very first time, then you should start the journey with something simple and effective. Just like when we start learning the English language for the first time, then first we always learn ABC, because it’s easy to learn and the whole language is based on it.

Similarly, you can easily learn the curves of JS. You don’t have to invest a large sum in coaching institutions to learn this language, with little guidance you can easily learn this smooth language and develop your first app.

Open Source Community

JavaScript has been backed by a plethora of libraries and frameworks which makes the language very smooth to use. These frameworks and libraries can be used in perfect harmony to make the process even better. This feature makes the codes simple and increases the reusability by several notches. Such as;

  • Visual Studio Code is the most popular source code editor. It is written by Microsoft in JavaScript and TypeScript. TypeScript is another mutation of JS.
  • Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services, made its cross-platform desktop app on the foundation of an electron.
  • Facebook family apps like Instagram are cross-platform apps which can be operated on iOS and Android platforms with mutual code bass is designed on the JavaScript framework, React Native.


Learn once, write anywhere!

JavaScript truly stands on this notation. Just take the example of this Hello World app created using React Native can be applicable on Android as well as iOS.

import { AppRegistry, Text } from ‘react-native’;

import React from ‘react’;

const helloWorld = () => {

return <Text>Hello, World!</Text>


AppRegistry.registerComponent(‘HelloWorld’, () => helloWorld);

This isn’t possible with any other programming languages like Java or swift. So, when you are planning to develop your mobile app for the first time, then you should learn JavaScript. Period.

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