The Soul of SaaS


What is a SaaS?

SaaS is an abbreviated form of Software as a Service. This technology field falls under the head of cloud computing. The SaaS is a very innovative step taken by big technology houses to share their software with other business organizations via an Internet. The operation of SaaS usually works on the basis of subscription and how many users are working on it. This allows business houses to share software with their remote employees also.

Well, if you are thinking that SaaS is a new bird in the technology sector. Then my answer is no as SaaS has spouted in 60’s. But, it doesn’t get much success as companies like IBM has only opened their doors for big businesses. Later in 90’s everything changed when small businesses also started to use SaaS. But, still, there isn’t much craze of SaaS can be seen.

There are few myths about the SaaS technology roaming around that are affecting its growth. The SaaS is bitten a complicated to learn as to use SaaS you need to have skills in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP etc, languages. But, these little complexities can be easily ignored as the benefits of SaaS are hefty. So, we have got few points to prove the benefits of using SaaS.

Barbaric Benefits of SaaS

~ Ample amount of Accessibility.

This is the major benefit of SaaS due to its availability on the internet user can use it anytime. You don’t have to be in office to work on SaaS as with its online presence you can work from anywhere. Especially, for the people who have moving office SaaS is a boon. You just need a computer/Tablet with a stable internet connection and you are ready to work. With SaaS gone the old times, when you have to sit in the office to work as now you can open your office wherever you wish.

~ Timely Updates.

In the big organizations updating the software is a very never cracking task. It requires lots of time and energy to update software regularly in the organization. But, its very important also as working on old version can glitzy and annoying. So, that’s why SaaS is best in this department as the service provider will automatically update the software timely. That means you are free from the burden of timely updating and you can use your time in more productive activities.

~ Suitability of Scalability.

The business is always subjected to risk. Sometimes your business will be growing with the speed of the rocket and sometimes it grows with the speed of a snail. So, in such cases, it became very difficult for business to scale their cost. Well, in scaling SaaS is best as when your business is growing you can get higher rate subscription package and when business slows then get lower rate subscription package.

~ Critically Cost efficient.

Different rates of SaaS subscription is available in the market. Companies can subscribe to the subscription that suits them the most. They can also cancel the subscription when it isn’t required anymore. So, thus SaaS highly a cost-efficient and economical to use

~ Sensitive to Security.

SaaS providers take cares the security issues very frequently. As they know the danger of hackers and viruses very well. So, with SaaS, you don’t have to worry about security as your provider has already figured that out.

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