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Avoid Following Features Of Word

Microsoft Office is a revolutionary office software that you can locate on every desktop or laptop PCs. And, we all have once in our lifetime has used the different features of the Microsoft word. Out of which few features are super amazing and can ease out our life in numerous ways.

But, still, there are few Microsoft word features present which are an unnecessary burden. And, we can work totally fine without them. So, today we will discuss few unwanted and avoidable features of the Microsoft word.

#1. Modify Normal.dotm

Well, you might not have ever noticed that every word new document starts with the Normal.dotm template. In which style and features of the document are predefined. So, every time user has to customize word document according to their preference.

But, the problem here is that if the document crashes or moved to some other place, then all your customized settings will be replaced with the Normal.dotm template. So, this is a no use feature of the Microsoft word.

#2. Using Space

Numerous people like to add space or tab before the start of the line. This isn’t a problem until you want to edit the text. Because that whole your spaced content will jumble up and create a chaotic environment for the user.

In the small document, this problem can be easily corrected, but in the long document, it is a real pain. So, if you want to add space to the first line of a paragraph, then from the Home Tab launch Paragraph group option to add space in front of the line.

#3. Word Is Default

More than half of the word settings are the default and they are quite adequate most of the time. But, when you want to take charge in your own hands and customize the content, then you have to spin lots of strings with the Microsoft word. But, after a little struggle, the default word settings can be customized.

#4. Word Is Perfect

Well, the word is a little Mr. Perfectionist and likes every document to be perfectly designed. That’s why while working it constantly highlights typos, grammatical errors, and formatting inconsistencies. And, this sometimes breaks the workflow of person and annoys them to death. So, to work without any disturbance you have to disable all these features.

#5. Use More Style

If you are using Format Painter in the word, then immediately stop using it and instead of it use built-in word styles. Formats applied directly (manually) have a way of causing problems because they take precedence over styles. Later, when applying a style doesn’t have the desired effect, you might not know why. So, go for built-in styles.

#6. Don’t Use Double Enter

The user normally hits double enter at the end of the paragraph to give some extra white space. But, it will create chaos at the time of formatting, so that’s why to change the paragraph spacing from the menu bar.

Well, the Microsoft word is a dynamic software, but it can be cool if above-mentioned problems won’t occur. But, overall, Microsoft Word Rocks!

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