Things to Consider Before Saying “Yes” to a Web Design Project


A Web Design Project Can Boost Or Demolish Your Career

Our today’s post is strictly written for the freelance web developers and small web design companies. The freelance web developers are people who like their creative freedom and want to create something unique without any boundaries.

Well, whereas being a freelance web designer gives you lots of freedom, on the other hand, plenty of problems also comes with the package. And, one of the major problems that every freelance web developer has to face is while selecting the web design project.

Because good web design projects can uplift your career and open up numerous new opportunities for you. And, the contrary bad decision can damage your reputation and leave a solid dent on your goodwill. We all know that good reputation and goodwill are the only source of web developers credibility.

So, this decision of selecting web design project is very crucial as a project might offer you lots of money, but with it can take double amount of your goodwill with it. Well, if you are going through a similar kind problem and wondering whether to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the new web design project. Then, you should weight your decision on following scales.

Consider The Changes Bought By New Venture

So, firstly consider the changes that will come in your life after excepting the new project. Consider every small change that will be bought by new web design project in your life and if you feel comfortable with the changes only then show your consent for the project.

For example, mostly freelancers work alone in the comfort of their home. But, if the project involves working with other professionals or going out of your comfort zone, then this will be a change. So, weight whether you are comfortable with working other individuals and share your creativity with them.

The working with other individuals has pros like you don’t have to do everything by yourself. And, cons may include conflicts between the two creative personalities. So, consider the change first and if you are happy with it, only then say ‘Yes ‘.

Sometimes ‘No’ Comes With The Condition

Well, when your long-term client offers you a big opportunity, then saying them ‘no’ means sacrificing your long-term relationship with them. This kind of situations are a curse for web developers as in the fear of losing already work they can’t say no and on the other hand, they are not at all ready to take up big projects. So, weight your no before saying it.

Think Thoroughly

Your decision won’t affect only you, but it will affect your other clients and family also. You taking up new and big project means you have to leave your other clients in the middle. And, that’s the hardest part for freelancers because they have a close and personal relationship with their every client.

So, ditching them in the middle is very hard and moreover, you should consider the impact of the new project on your family also. That’s why to think of other people also, before accepting big offers.  

Final Decision

There are so many factors to consider when faced with whether or not to take on a “big gig” – both personally and professionally. So, ultimately make a pro and con list, and at the end which sides weights more, go for it. Take a leap of faith and grow yourself, freelancers.

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