Thinly Sliced Difference Between “Indie” & “AAA” Games


Major Categories of Games

The video games have been nerve of the graphics and virtual believers from very long time. Today plenty of different varieties and genre of video games are available for both PC and mobile devices users. But, still, the majority of games can be divided into two main categories.

  1. Indie games
  2. AAA games

Whole gaming expedition can be easily divided into these two categories. Both these games types are like two sides of a coin. Totally different from each other and yet somehow connected with one another. That’s why in this post we will try to study the major line difference between indie games and AAA games.

∆ Word On The Developers

Okay, so indie games are normally developed by the individual or a small team of nerds. These games are developed by a group of friends to showcase their talent and create something simple. No big publication house is involved in the distribution of these games. For example, LearnCodeOnline‘s Save The Smiley and Ninja Mission are the perfect example of indie games.

On the contrary, AAA games are like a big blockbuster movie which is created by giant gaming publication. High level of technology and graphical figures are used in the formation of AAA games. The highly professionals team of programmers and game developers collaborates together for these games. And, giant gaming publisher broadcasts the rights of these games.

∆ Ideology of Both Games

Well, the basic ideology of both games is totally different. Like, indie games are short and simple games in which no technical accessories are required. They are just quick stress buster games where one can relieve some stress with two minutes played.

But, AAA games are designed for the hardcore gamers. If you want to enjoy whole Sunday with your friends playing video games, then you need AAA games. Moreover, they are big in size and based full storyline, so quick play isn’t possible with them.

∆ Financial Resources

Indie games are a vision of one or two persons, so they have very tight and limited budget. As there isn’t any professional company involved, that’s why indie games have to work on small budgets. But, for short and quick games small budget is enough.

So, AAA games are developed by professionals and thus they spare no budget in designing these super cool games. Normally, a budget of one AAA games sometimes crosses few millions.

∆ Accessories & Price Required To play

The indie games are truly low budget games, so they are easily available on the internet for free of cost. But, if you like to play paid indie games, their price is not more than between $10-$15. And, you don’t need anything apart from your PC to play them.

Well, yes, when high budgets are involved in designing AAA games, then you might have to pay $50-$200 for a decent game. And, you may require nice consoler and other gaming gadgets also to intensify the playing experience.

Which One Is Better

Well, both games are good and have they’re own positive and negative points. So, the selection of game style totally depends upon the taste, preference, and budget of the individual.

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