Threats that are faced by Information Technology


At Every Step, IT Industry Faces A Threat

We have talked about information technology industry on various occasions. Thus, we all are fully aware of the benefits and impacts of IT sector on our life’s. But, under this whole bright and shining picture of IT world, dark and glooming shades of cybercrime are also present.

Cybercrime is the biggest concern that has been faced by the world today. With the entrance of technology in every aspect of our existence, the threat of dark cyber activities has been multiplied. Today, just like the regular crime rate, cybercrime rate is increasing very rapidly and moreover, we are not yet aware of the extent of cybercrime threats.

So, let’s educate ourselves on the lurking threat of cybercrime because today no one is safe from it. And, only knowledge about the cybercrime can help us here.

Top 10 IT Threats

  1. The threat from the new technology.

    Nowadays, every other day new technology and gadgets are designed. And, in the haste of launching the new technology in the market, companies won’t pay attention towards the security features. So, these weakly designed technologies are very big threat to the security.

  2. The threat of Social media attacks.

    Everybody today has a social media presence. So, these cyber criminals take advantage of the clustered environment of the social media platforms and hack their profile. This technique is called as water holing.

  3. The threat of mobile malware.

    With the connectivity of mobile phones with the internet, the threat of mobile malware has increased. Smartphones are today always connected to the internet and if your phone doesn’t contain strong malware protection, then you are at constant risk.

  4. The threat from the third party.

    The cybercriminals prefer the third party entrance to attack. Such as, the global retailer’s HVAC vendor was the unfortunate contractor whose credentials were stolen and used to steal financial data sets for 70 million customers.

  5. The threat from not properly configuring.

    The requirements, needs, and threats of every business environment are different. So, proper configuration of a security system according to your business environment is very crucial. New York Time has recently faced this threat and loses numerous clients.

  6. The threat of outdated security system.

    If you are still stuck in old security methods and haven’t updated your antivirus system, then you are bound to get attacked. So, don’t be a lazy bug and frequently update your security system.

  7. The threat from social engineering.

    Hackers are very smart people, as now they are using social engineering techniques to hack information. So, never befriend with strangers on social media and never ever share your personal information with the strangers.

  8. The threat of an encrypted data.

    Well, when you are transferring confidential business information from one device to another, then make sure to encrypt it with the end to end encryption.

  9. The threat of using a personal device.

    Make this your life rule to never use personal gadgets for storing business information. Period.

  10. The threat from the inadequate security system.

    Before adopting any cybersecurity system make sure to check its all features. So, that it can be adequate enough to handle all the cyber threats.

Well, the motive of this post isn’t to scare you and discriminating the IT growth. No, our simple motive is to create awareness regarding cyber threats. So, people be aware, be safe.

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