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In a short span of time Android has become one hell of an operating software, which is nowadays available from your smartphone to Smartwatch. The green colored Android monster grows in front of our eyes and now millions of different Android-based smartphones are roaming around. It would be right to say that Android has made possible smartphones accessible for everyone, so Android is one revolutionary software. Right now, Android market is very hot and millions of apps are available on Google Play Store.  

Well, with the emergence of Android devices, the need for Android app developers has also shot and every company is looking for one dynamic android app developer. But, why to work for someone else when you can easily develop one amazing Android app yourself and earn big chunks of money. Yep, with six simple lessons, you can learn the ropes of the Android app market and create the sensation with your app.

6 slashing lessons to succeed in the Android app market.

Lesson 1. Get a grip.

Okay, first of all, make this clear in your mind that the success doesn’t come instantly and you have to face gazillion rejections before getting your boon. So, first of all, make your mind about the app and decide the purpose of your app. As right now millions of Android apps are available and you can’t get success by creating one similar app. Such as there are plenty of Calendar apps are available, and if you are going to create one calendar app, then challenge here for you is that how can you make your app different and better.

Lesson 2. Get familiar with the Android market.

To become a full-time member of Android market, firstly you have to understand the market carefully. As habits and nature of Android users are totally different. The Android users love great apps, but they like freebies more. Unlike iOS users, the Android folks don’t like to spend money on their apps. Android might be selling like a hot cake in the Asian and European market, but only free apps are getting the more popular, so keep this Android market factor in mind.

Lesson 3. Curb your common mistakes.

When you open an app with one flick of a finger, it seems way too simple and all dandy, but trust me it required numerous steps and procedures to develop one simple app. One common mistake can ruin your hard work, so control your common mistakes. The mistakes normally revolve around, Hardware acceleration, OpenGL, Bitmap loading, Home launchers and battery life.

Lesson 4. Optimum bitmap drawing.

While drawing bitmaps look at following things:

  • Combine bitmaps once
  • Draw fewer bitmaps
  • Redraw only on demand
  • Avoid background tasks
  • Offer users some control over the process
Lesson 5. Try and Error.

I cannot put much emphasis on the importance of testing as you all are already familiar with its importance. So, thoroughly test your app before launching it and check it on every available criterion.

Lesson 6. Let your app makes its own destiny.

Now as your app is lurking in the market, keep a close eye on its working and regularly get feedback and work hard to improve app according to the given feedbacks. You can use Google Analytics, Flurry, Mixpanel, Crashlytics, ACRA, etc. to collect usage data.

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