Tips to Prevent your Smartphone from Overheating


Let’s cool down your smartphone

Our smartphones have the whole world stored in them and every second of the day providing us nonstop fun. From waking up to going to the bed, we regularly stayed glued to the smartphones. But, in all this, we forget to look after the needs of our smart buddy. Usually which results in the overheating of the phone.

Have you faced the problem of your phone getting heated after some time? Then don’t take it lightly as this is the indication that you are doing something wrong. So, you need start caring your precious smart device more carefully to save it from further damage.

Well, in the concern of multi-talented smartphones we have enlisted the safety tips to protect your smartphone from getting heated. So, follow these tricks if your smartphone starts to get little temperamental.

#1. Download some cooling apps.

Yes, your reading right as numerous apps is available that can cool the smartphone. These apps can be easily downloaded from the internet. These apps prevent from getting overheated as they adjust the processor of a phone according to the outside temperature. If you spend long hours on your phone, then downloading cooling app is highly recommended.

#2. Charge your device in right manner.

The charging of phone plays a very crucial role in the battery life and overheating issue. The phone should be charged very carefully as it directly influences the power of the battery. Take some preventive measures, like avoid overnight charging of your device, never receive a call while the phone is charging, don’t put the phone on sofa or bed while charging or always charge without a case. These are few tricks that can really prevent your phone from heating.

#3. Never make direct contact with Sunlight.

The direct exposure to sunlight can intensify the heating process. So, never use phone under sun rays and always keep your device in cool place. And, I don’t mean fridge here.

#4. Never use the third-party charger.

I mean always charge your phone with the original charger and never try to charge it with any third party charger. It doesn’t mean that you and your friend has the same charging port, so you share. As this highly effects the battery life of your device. So, sometimes sharing can be dangerous.

#5. Close your apps properly.

Okay, guys, simply pressing the “Home button” won’t close your apps. They are actually running in the background and unnecessary consuming your phone’s battery. So, every time you exit any of the apps, close it properly as this also overheats the phone.

#6. Close bloatware.

Our smartphone is actually smart with all Bluetooth and GPS navigation features. But, when we open these features for a long time, they consume hefty amount of battery. So, if you don’t require Bluetooth feature at the particular moment, then close it. As there isn’t any sharpness in opening all features.  

#7. Don’t over abuse network.

Using 3G, 4G or high-speed Wi-Fi network on your phone regularly for several hours can also contribute towards the high temperature of your phone. The constant usage of internet will work your phones processor double shift and wear it out easily. So, it is good to take a break while using internet on your phone and give you and your phone little rest.

So, these are seven tips to increase the life of your smartphone little longer and save it from overheating. Don’t forget these tips!

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