Tips to Start Your Programming Career in Late Thirty’s


Well, if you are in your late thirties and looking forward to shifting your career in programming, then you are very smart. Because being a programming developer you have the liberty to earn money on your own terms. But, if you hesitate to take this challenge of learning codes in your life, then you should not think twice because to create the good program you just need immersive passion.

Let’s take the example of Wendy Zenone. She was 38 years old and has three children when she first time learn how to code. She used her limited time daily to learn different codes and practice them. She just had a pure passion to learn code and her passion results in working as the senior security engineer at Netflix.

If you right passion and tools with you, then at any age you can learn how to code. And, if you are lucky enough then you can get a good job as coder also. For you all inspiring coders, we have generated seven coding tips that will help you to learn to code effectively;

1. Start with your own knowledge

You don’t have to start learning to code from the new level. No, first sharpen your skills which you already know. Just take a small step at a time and start your code learning by revising all the things that you already know. You have to be patient with yourself here, hurrying will take you nowhere.

2. Use the Power of the Internet

Now, don’t get distressed when you can’t get the hang of some basic syntax. It’s common to forget some basics after some time, so don’t be hard on yourself. Here, you can ta help from Google. It has almost everything that you need and won’t even judge for your common mistakes.

3. Ask Right Questions

You have to ask them lots of questions to learn something new. Asking questions doesn’t mean that you are not competent enough. It only means that you are curious to learn new codes. There are plenty of good online source available online to ask such questions
Inked Stack Overflow, Quora and other forums where you can interact with other programmers.

4. Learn from other Developers

The best way to learn code would be learning from the people who have been in your shoes before. Make time to interact with other people who had started their careers as coders in later age. is an online community where people share their experiences and ideas with each other.

5. Code Daily

In your busy schedule, take some time to code daily. Practicing codes daily have to be your priority list and when you code daily, your skills will indefinitely improve. Set daily goals to complete codes.

6. Get a Mentor

Beside from the people whom you find on the internet, it is important to have someone whom you can ask questions in person and clear your doubts. A coach or a mentor can be very helpful to improve your skills. You need to find someone who is patient; someone who knows how to help you solve problems on your own and who can motivate and inspire you to become the best programmer you can be.

7. Join Coding Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a short training which will help you in becoming the self-sufficient developers regardless of your education and experience background. You can become a self-sufficient developer in weeks with the help of Coding Bootcamp.

So, leave your age aside and if you have a passion to be a coder, then don’t waste it. You just have to take a leap of faith to become a pro developer in your late thirties.

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