To Maintain Security in Cloud Environment Follow these Rules


The cloud environment has been recently very popular and prominent in the business industry. But, there are few concerns and risks are also involved in this technology. IT security in a way is already a very big issue and on the top cloud security is becoming more and more vital subject.

Cloud security involves a different set of rules and challenges that required to be changed asap in lieu to solidify the security system. However, cloud environment supposed to be compression of a different set of individual rules that can protect your cloud data loss, downtime, unauthorized access and offers some data protection standards. So, when you are planning the cloud environment to minimize the risk factor, the following strategy for cloud security needs to be achieved.

4 Cloud Environment Rules to Maintain Security

Rule #1; Understand your responsibility

Well, a common and the fatal myth that has been followed by cloud users; cloud providers are responsible for maintaining security. Now, that’s wrong, it is considered as the act of protecting a cloud environment as a shared responsibility.

Like, in the game of hockey, it’s not the responsibility of one player to defend the goal. It’s the responsibility of every team member to stop the goal. Taking this equation in the IT terms;

– Cloud providers have to protect the infrastructure itself and all the technologies need to host your data.
– The main focus should be to keep the data and apps themselves covered.

This is the responsibility of CIOs to make sure that all the necessary security measures are in the right place to defend the business. It’s the responsibility of CIO to make sure that there isn’t any gap present in the cloud environment of the business.

Rule #2; Implementation of security at every level

In a general way, every successful transaction has three phases;

1. Configuring the physical lines of the cloud
2. Coding applications
3. Packing applications with container images

For each of this phase, security measures need to be set separately. Doing this required input from all across the business. Here, CIO will come into action to find any missing link in the whole cloud environment that could leave apps to vulnerability.

Rule #3; Sharp your team’s security skills

Apart from all the previous complexities present in the cloud, the reality is that it’s like protecting the premises. That’s why it required cooperation and skills of the whole team to protect the cloud environment. It is important to test the skills of your team even the skills of your experienced employees.

It is a good strategy to train every member of you to handle the cloud security system. You can train your employees with different skills to uplift their skills.

Rule #4; Build a security culture

It is said that speed and security can be viewed as two different sides of the coin. This is a false misconception and if you are buying a cloud environment on this perception, then good luck. As refraining from the security delay features can be dangerous for your business. The selection between the speed and security will always result in the wrong decision.

The CIOs need to be aware that cloud security solutions can deliver the necessary security together with the timely rollout of all necessary applications.

So, follow these four cloud environment rules and set higher standards of security in your workplace.

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