Today’s Invention is Tomorrow’s Technology


Innovation Exhilarates Technology

In layman’s language, innovation means the creation of something new and inventive. As the one invention always opens up the path for the numerous upcoming technologies and unbelievable dynamic changes.

Like, in 1800, a British chemist Humphry Davy took a first inventive step towards the invention of electricity. But, it was an epic failure, until, in 1897, Thomas Edison finally figured out the electric bulb. And, later this invention leads to the emergence of the electricity and rest is the history.

So, what we are trying to narrate here is that one fail invention is the right direction of upcoming new technologies and life-changing invention. Well, from time to time our great researchers and scientists are inventing numerous new technologies. Which are still under the wrap due to not fully developed.

But, these trending inventions has potentials to change the upcoming dimensions of the technology world. So, today in this post we will try to study few revolutionary inventions.

– Electric Fabric

Well, the group of physicists of Wake Forest University has developed a fabric that doubles as a spare outlet. Suppose if you use this fabric on your shirt, then due to the difference between the temperature of your body parts, like in armpit and cuff, the electricity is generated. Yep, guys, the body temperature difference can generate electricity to 10 degrees, which is sufficient to charge MP3 player or phone.

– Smart Underpants

What? Well, that was my reaction too after reading about the data analysis underpants.  But, a Finnish company called Myontec has already designed a underpants that has electromyographic sensors. The sensors collect the data regarding the movement of your quadriceps, hamstring and gluteus muscles.

The data is then transmitted to your computer for analysis and tells whether you required workout or not. So, people now your underpants will nag you about the workout. Great! Note the sarcasm.

– Live Screen

Well, do you like the scene of the movie “Iron Man” when Tony Stark swipes and multitasking screen comes in front of him? Just, like all of us, Mark Rolston of the design firm Frog feels that we should not be bound to our smartphone or computers screen. When we can convert our kitchen slab into the screen. Yep, people future is all about multitasking screens.

– Automatic Hair Wash

We haven’t misspelled, we are indeed referring to the automatic hair wash. This 15 minutes process works similarly like a car wash, where adjusted water and shampoo nostrils will be foamed on your scalp. And, then advanced nostrils like fingers will massage your scalp and rinses out the shampoo from your hair, while you are chilling out.

– Doctor At Your Beck And Call

Now, your car is enabled to automatically connect you to the emergency doctor at the time of the accident. Researchers at the University of Michigan International Center for Automotive Medicine have created the predictive models by cross-referencing the crash data provided by sensors on cars, like speed and location of impact, with 3-D scans of accident victims.


It’s hard to believe, but guys, our future revolves around these new inventions. So, don’t be star stuck and be ready for a new rollercoaster ride of the technology-oriented future.

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