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What are Long Tail Keywords?

Well, we have discussed SEO and it’s relationship with the keywords on numerous occasions. But, we have never actually discussed the length and style of perfect keywords. So, in this post let’s understand the length of successful keywords.

Okay, so normally people think that keywords should be dedicated to one or two words as they have higher search rate. Well, guys, shorter keywords might have higher search rate, but on the other hand competition for these keywords are also high.

So, it became very difficult for new bloggers to beat the old sharks of the industry. And, this highly affects the new websites page ranking. That’s why to get higher ranking new websites need to target the long tail and rarely used keywords.

As the success rate of the long tail keywords is far better than the short keywords. So, people if you are new in the business, then try to capture long tail keywords for better ranking.

Where to Get Long Tail Keywords?

Okay, so now that has been established that long tail keywords are best for your business. So, now the question is from where to get the keywords ideas. Well, guys, for that numerous tools are available online which can help you in figuring out the perfect long tail keywords for your site. Such as:

#1. Answer the Public:

This free tool is currently masses favorite as it got lots of benefits stored up. It is best to search for unique long tail keywords. This one is in the line of Ubersuggest but offers one unique proposition. One can search unique and never used LTK with this tool. Even this tool asks numerous questions related to the keywords topic for better suggestions.


Well, where everyone is searching for unique keywords, why not you raid on your competitor’s keywords? Yes, SEMRUSH is the all-time favorite tool for SEO experts. As this tool takes away all the guesswork and only target the long tail keywords used by your competitors.

This tool is the best way to take down your competition. But, this is not a free tool, so you have 14 days to try it out for free before making the purchase decision.

#3. KWFinder:

The next trending keyword marketing tool is KWFinder. It is a new tool relative to other mentioned tools, but the performance of this tool is amazing.  The tool shows the difficulty level of the keyword with their search rate, which is very cool. So, you can easily try out KWFinder for long tail keywords search.

#4. Google Auto-suggest:

So, this tool is manipulating the keywords search market currently. The Google Auto-suggest is highly recommended to get higher page ranking in Google. With this free tool, you can easily find all auto-suggested keywords, and it will allow you to download keywords in .csv format.

Long Tail Keywords Are Vital

Friends, LTK is very important for your website’s success and survival. Apart from above-mentioned tools, you have many other options like Google AdWords, WordTracker Keyword Tool, UberSuggest, Long Tail Pro etc. So, use all these keyword search tools and create something unique for your website now.

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