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JavaScript Testing!

JavaScript is the most used and popular web language these days, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a perfect language. It’s quite the opposite actually, because of the large application chance of making mistakes increases and that’s why numerous developers dislike to write code in JavaScript. Moreover, testing JavaScript on a web browser isn’t very helpful and convenient according to today’s environment.

That’s why you need the assistance of some native web applications to help you out and rectify all your JavaScript issues. These tools allow you to type codes more effectively with the help of stand coding guidelines. So, if you are writing your codes in JavaScript, then make sure to use any of the following testing tools as well;

#1. Firebug

This tool has been helping out developers for many years now. It is an extension for the developers who design their applications on the Firefox web browser. This application dedicated to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript testing. Firebug has greater features as compared to the developer tools, even default web browsers don’t have some features.

It comes with the feature of set code breakpoints, developers can get results at different stage execution levels. If you use the browser like Google Chrome, then you have the option of Firebug Lite, it has the same features as Firebug with the slightly different interface.

#2. Opera Dragonfly

Opera is not a popular web browser, only 1% of the worlds web users use it. But still, opera might be the good option to test the JavaScript. Testing JavaScript on the opera gives the option of open JavaScript testing and debugging tool. This tool allows you to inspect DOM easily. CSS and JavaScript can be modified very quickly on the fly and even errors can be inspected far more effectively.

However, this web browser might not be popular in daily life, but it is indeed one of the best JavaScript testing tool. No, another web browser has offered such kind of JavaScript testing tool.

#3. Debug Bar

As compared to the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer doesn’t have a fast range of web applications. But, this web browser offers a debugbar tool which is far better than any of the debugging tools availed by other web browsers. It has a wide range of features that developers needed like; DOM inspection, cookie inspection, and JavaScript debugging.

So, if you primarily use internet explorer, then you might lose plenty of good JavaScript apps. But, all this is compensated by one powerful debugging web application called debugger.

#4. JSLint

This tool has been created by the most important JavaScript developers of the world- Douglas Crockford. You just have to paste your JavaScript code into the online JSLint and rest will be automatically handled by the tool. It will automatically highlight all errors present in your code.

This tool even makes sure that your syntax is clean and up to the standards. The tool is trained to identify all kind of JavaScript errors that coders generally commits.

#5. JSLitmus

If you are very certain about your JavaScript application performance, then this tool is for you. It is a neat little tool to create JavaScript benchmarks of your own, so you can measure performance at various stages of app development.

#6. Write Code Online

On the, you will the full-fledged JavaScript editor. This is a web tool so it lightweight and very simple to use. As the app is light so you can easily test long code containing thousands of line in it easily with this app. It tests each line unit by unit very neatly and correctly.

JavaScript might seem troublesome language, but that’s only because you have involved lots of features in your code. So, it’s alright to commit some mistakes as amazing JavaScript testing tools are available. That’s why to be bold and try new things on JavaScript.

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