Tools That Will Empower Your Modern Workplace


The so-called modern workplace is built on the foundation of numerous tools. A modern worker uses plenty of different tools to stay productive today. It’s seen that the employees who are using the right tool and have accurate knowledge use the tool, are more productive and efficient.

There are different available for employees to work with like Microsoft offers a huge range of helping tools. So, in this article, we will get an overview of the tools that every modern workplace should offer to the employees.

Tools to Stay Productive

#1. Office 365

It is a modern workplace tool which is based on the cloud subscription that lets employees collaborate easily. Office 365 application allows employees to connect virtually despite their physical location and work together. This tool has improved the sharing problem of the big companies.

– It is a familiar modern workplace tool, so employees don’t require any training to use this application.
– Data security and compliance have been tremendously improved in this app.
– It has few modern and innovative features; Team chats, online meetings, collaborative document editing, and secure document sharing.
– The visual interface of the tool is very solid with the interactive reports and simple dashboard.
– The step by step guide of Office 365 is available so it can be easily demonstrated to employees.

#2. Sharepoint

This  is a smart mobile friendly modern workplace tool which helps in easy sharing of the content. SharePoint helps in creating innovative and functional websites that will keep all the employees and management members updated.

– It is easy to collaborate with another tools and share files.
– It gives the option of cross-platform sharing.
– The smart search function is always one click away.
– Simple and neat management of the documents and files
– Workflow can be easily configured.

#3. Teams

Microsoft Teams is an environment in office 365 which makes the communication level strong. It connects all the users, contents and tools together to boost the overall productivity of the team.

– It keeps you connected with the team by chat, phone or conference.
– Scheduling online meetings over Skype.
– Sharing files, applications, and desktop data for online meetings.
– Professional telephony functions like VoIP, call forwarding, automatic switchboard, and emergency calls.

#4. PowerPoint

It is a best known Microsoft slideshow program. PowerPoint helps in creating attractive presentations and slides to share with your clients and audience.

– It is used to create presentations like a real pro.
– The zoom function on the summary slide to zero in on any section.
– Speaker view helps in creating a vision on a second screen.
– It helps in collaborating with other colleagues via a presentation.

#5. Yammer

It is a social networking policy which enables organizations with an open organization. Yammer can connect with other people to make better choices faster than before.

– You can use another people’s experience to enhance your own productivity.
– You can join the group with the same interest and work experience to set up your business.
– Get answers to all questions.
– Easily connect with the contractors, customers or affiliates.
– Keep your documents, photos, and videos in the right context by adding them to threads.

So, if you working in a modern workplace, then all the above-mentioned tools are important for you. Adopt all the modern workplace tool and enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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