6 Open Source Tools to Built Login Page with the Aid of HTML & CSS


Creative Login Page

Well, if you are thinking what’s creative on the login page as it is a simple page to log in to a particular website. There is Nothing special about the login page. Now, my good mate here you are going very wrong. Because you will be amazed to see that how creative and unique login page designs can be.

With the little help of snippets along with your code, you can get a dynamic design for your login page. Because people today pure simplicity won’t get you higher Google ranking. Moreover, designing a unique login page with the help of numerous open source tools is super easy.

To design your stylish and trendy log in page, you can use following open source tools:

#1. Login Page UI

Developer Khaled Mneimneh has designed this simple login page interface with the help of simple CSS 3 properties. In this rounded fields are pretty easy to duplicate. Moreover, the drop shadow effect doesn’t take much space in the code. A little amount of tweaking and adjustment is required in this source and it will be good to go on any type of website.

#2. Gradient Form

Tyler Fry provided new dimensions to the dark theme designs with this form. Where developers stick with dark grey color for a darker theme, here utilization of different dark hues made the gradient form very stylish. The theme is very detailed and if you observe closely than style in the input field can be seen.

#3. Pure HTML5

This might be pretty common login form style, but some thing’s never lost┬átheir charm. And, HTML5 form by Vladimir Banduristov is an epic development. This form totally works with the HTML and CSS. It can be practically used on any kind of website. This could even work as a template for a custom WordPress login page if you wanted to go that far.

#4. Show/Hide Password Field

This dark and clean theme has been very popular these days. As the password field comes with the option of hiding and showing. This theme is very useful for mobile users as typing on mobile is quite tricky. But, overall this theme provides ease of mind to all the users.

#5. Clean Login Form

This form can grab any person’s attention, this works great for both startups and corporate business websites. The input fields actually have a slight outer glow with light borders and a darker text style. This whole thing creates very professional touch on the website.

#6. Apple Dev Login

Developer Christophe Molina is the creator of this Apple style theme. This isn’t something which Apple users experience regularly. As this unique theme is amazingly stylish with skeuomorphism and a brilliantly-styled header ribbon. And, the highlight of the theme is that it fully operates on the CSS, which is the achievement on its own.

Guys, there are too many fishes are available in the pond. I mean numerous open source login form themes are available in the market. So, why to which with an old boring theme, then?

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