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Super Uses of Linux

Okay, so hello my dear Windows users, well if you are using PC, then it is always assumed that you are a Windows user. But, this phenomenon is frequently changing with the more utilization of Linux system.

Well, yep, the Linux has been turning out to be the next popular operating system for the Windows and Mac. That’s because Linux has plenty of cool and amazing features stored up for its users. So, we thought why not review some of the lifesaving uses of the Linux system. Because trust us guys that Linux is a hub of user-friendly utilities.

That’s why today we will check out the 10 major uses of Linux as an operating software.

#10. Linux works without installation.

Linux system is very easy to run on the PC or laptops. You don’t need to install the Linux on the main hard drive of your PC to use it. By simply inserting CD, the Linux files can be easily accessed and even can be edited. It can also operate if you have forgotten your PC password or if you have accidentally formatted your entire drive.

#9. Easy access to Chromebook

Well, Chromebook is a very nice app that offers numerous features like editing videos and audios. Chrome OS is yet another app that can be easily accessed with the help of Linux system. The Linux version of Chrome OS won’t offers you an app like Photoshop, but the apps available on Linux are highly secured. So, if you want secured apps, they always go to Linux.

#8. A quick way to host website

Today plenty of your favorite websites are using the Linux based system, so why aren’t you using it?. The website designing features available on Linux are way more interesting and cool. Like you can use Linux web host Dreamhost to launch a site or can host your own personal RSS reader with Tiny Tiny RSS.

#7. Work with partition

If you have double or triple partitioned your drive and still want to add more partitions. Then, Linux is very helpful in this department as you can boot as many as partitions you required with the Linux.

#6. Control your home

Yep, with the basic Linux knowledge and your regular computer set, you can create numerous home automation gadgets. You can voice control your home lock with the help of Siri, automate your blinds and AC, or can control your living room music system.

#5. Backup your data

Well, if you don’t want to leave your computer on for long hours to share files. Then, with the help of little Linux box, you can leave it in the corner to automatically backup your all media and doc files.

#4. Create a cool media center

If you have old low powered PC that doesn’t support media files, then no need to worry as with Linux that can be easily sorted out. As XBMC works very well with the Linux.

#3. Tight security

The security is never compromised with the Linux as it has numerous security apps. Like BackTrack and Kali.

#2. Works best with old PCs

Well, if you got a super old PC, then Windows isn’t ideal OS for it. The light weighted Linux is the best option for the old and runs down PCs.

#1. Learn computers in a new light

So, let’s revive some DIY culture and learn computers in a new light with the help of Linux. Because trust us guys, Linux will introduce you to few utterly new computer tricks.

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