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Okay, now the popularity of WordPress isn’t hidden from anybody. WordPress has truckloads of benefits stored in it. Only because of WordPress now a person with minimum technical knowledge can start its own blogs. Well, WordPress might have gazillions of features, but one thing that makes it every developers first choice would be its plugins. The simple, easy and elegant WordPress plugins are the main reason behind its success. There are almost uncountable WordPress plugins available and from them, we have shortlisted 15 top plugins for you all.

Dazzling 15 WordPress plugins of the Town.

  1. Easy Contact Form –

    This is very basic but highly useful function. This function allows people to email you and you can get in touch with readers directly. This feature has Akismet spam protection with it is easy to integrate.

  2. Akismet –

    This tool is very much recommended as you are always surrounded by numerous spam comments. But using Akismet can half your all spam comments and as it filters them for you. To add double protection use Recaptcha on top of Akismet.

  3. Infinite Scroll –

    To retain readers to your site this tool is very essential. As with it your website content automatically loads as users scrolls down the page.

  4. Photodropper –

    With this tool, you can easily add charm to your blog. You can directly upload images from Flickr and other licensed sites to your site with Photodropper.

  5. Popular posts –

    To appreciate your hard work this plugin is the must. Popular posts plugin highlights your most popular post and boosts your ego. To adopt this function you need to add Post Plugin Library.

  6. Similar posts –

    As the name suggests this plugin showcase all similar posts together at the bottom of the page. To run this plugin you required to install Post Plugin Library.

  7. Viper Video Quick Tags –

    This plugin can cool informative videos to your blog. You can directly upload videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and a ton of other video hosting services.

  8. Amazon S3 –

    If you plan to serve a lot of images and don’t want to get your server clattered, it’s a good idea to integrate Amazon S3 hosting. As this plugin will provide you one sorted library.

  9. W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache –

    Speed is a virtue in the online world. With three cache plugins, you can amplify your website speed. Using these plugins might be bit complicated process. But, to get the lightning speed you have to bear with it.

  10. Tweetmeme retweet button –

    This plugin lets you see the number of tweets and retweets on your post. This is basically a buzzing button to exploit the Twitter land.

  11. Facebook Share –

    Not having Facebook share plugin is a crime. As without it, you can’t be the in next social media sensation.

  12. Disqus –

    To become the social media sensation and to generate traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this plugin is vital.

  13. Amazon Affiliate Linker –

    This feature automatically makes your links to Amazon into affiliate links with your ID. This way you can sell your services on Amazon also.

  14. Google XML Sitemap generator –

    Use this function to get Google index your site properly.

  15. All in One SEO pack –

    This plugin takes cares of all your SEO features, such as tags, meta description etc.

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