Top 3 Success Stories of The Progressive Web Apps


Progressive Web Apps Are Progressing

Well, guys, remember that golden time when creating a website for your business was the sure shot tool for success. But, not today, because apart from having one SEO website, a business owner needs high powered business apps also. But, getting a native Android and iOS apps separately isn’t feasible for a start-up business owners.

So, in the search for cheap and high powered business apps, people come face to face with the Progressive Web Apps. PWAs are the perfect solution for the users who are looking for quick and fast access to the websites. Like, if you can’t survive without the daily dosage of news, then instead of visiting your newspaper’s website on Google. Simply add the website to your home screen.

And, this popup link of any website on your devices home screen is referred to as PWAs. The PWAs has sorted out the problem of easy access as when you visit a website directly from Google, then average websites take 19 seconds to load. Whereas, PWAs allows instant loading times, top-level full-screen presentation without an URL bar, and offline functionality.

Companies Expanding Business With PWAs

PWAs can be referred as progressive, fresh, safe, linkable, authentic, and many more. And, the progress of PWAs has been taken into consideration by numerous big companies and they have seen its impact first handedly also. So, the companies who are expanding their business growth with PWAs are:


This microblogging site required no introduction. Because from politics to the entertainment sector, today all happening is available on the Twitter. So, Twitter users always demand the quickest way to reach the world’s happening. That’s why in 2017, Twitter launched their PWAs called Twitter Lite.

Well, trust me guys, Twitter has taken the word Lite pretty seriously. As Twitter Lite only consumes 600 KB space of your device plus the first time it only takes 5 seconds to load and after that it immediately loads. That’s super amazing, and results of Twitter Lite are even more amazing. This app has increased 75% tweets and 20% bounce rate.


Alibaba is a big daddy of business world and operates in more than 22 nations. The company has numerous businesses that they managed online with the 200 million active users. So, due to heavy business activities, the website of Alibaba is quite slow and people have to spend their major time is loading it. Moreover, people are not comfortable with downloading Alibaba app.

So, the company launched their PWA and with easy push notification features and one-click access, the company received desirable results. Because of Alibaba PWA, +30% active visitors on Android/+14% on iOS, +300% re-engagement rate and +76% conversions rate has been increased.


Flipkart is our local shopping site which makes it the first choice of Indian customers. But, to compete with the foreign e-commerce websites Flipkart requires quick service. And, with the Flipkart Lite app users are getting the full shopping experience with limited data. As internet rate in India is not at all cheap.

This new Flipkart change has gained the team, 200% longer sessions, 40% more likely to use the app again and 70% more conversions.

So, folks if these companies are getting benefit from PWA, then why not you?

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