Top 5 Google Hacks and Services you should be aware About!


Under the wrap services of Google:

Well, Google doesn’t require introduction as the mere mention of the word Google tells the saga of one super successful journey of Google in the technology sector. We all use Google services one way or another in our daily routine and somehow our life involves around the amazing services of Google. Whenever we have any query, the first name that pops in our mind is always Google. So, Google is the solution to our every problem. But, still Google is much more than a problem solver and we haven’t yet fully discovered the under wrapped features of Google. So, let me share with you some extraordinary and bit uncommon hacks of Google.

Top 5 Google Hacks that will blow your mind!

#1. Track your friends and family.

With the advanced Map my contact feature of Google, you can track down your friends and family location and always be aware of their current location. Map My Contact is an open sourced app, which syncs with your phone contacts list and pinpoints the current location of your folks on the Google maps using Google scripts.  After authorizing this app you can get the exact location of your dear ones. The app is open sourced, bit still your privacy is properly intact with it. The major plus point of this app is, that if you are not using Google contacts app, you still can copy your contacts from anywhere else and track down with this app.

#2. E-mail alerts for job hunters

Well, apart from getting the alerts for new jobs, it is very important in today’s overcompetitive world to get alerts on your competitors. Well, with LinkedIn people alert option you can easily keep tabs on the newly hired employees by your firm and stay updated on the upcoming competition. Just simply search for the company in the LinkedIn search bar and create people search option, and you will start receiving new employees list weekly via e-mail.

#3.  Easily switch between different Google accounts.

We all nowadays have multiple Google accounts and it is very cluster job to manage all the accounts together. But not anymore, as Google has a dynamic solution for you. With the Google AddSession and you can sign-in with the other Google account inside the same browser session. Make your life hassle-free with this cool feature of Google.

#4. An easy way to embed the image on your website.

As we all are fully aware of the ability of Google drive to store our memorable images and videos, but we are not familiar with the ability of Google to easily embed the image on your website. Simply copy the link of the image from Google drive and embed it on any website with one flick of a finger.

#5. Get Assistance from Google.

Okay, it is a tendency of human beings to forget important things and that’s why people nowadays make digital notes. But, who will remind us to check notes and in that case Google Assistant app helps us.  Google Assistant is the voice assistant app, that is now available on newer Android phones. If you don’t have one, you can still use Google assistant inside the Google Allo app that is available for both iPhone and Android.

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