Top 5 Programming languages to Learn in 2018

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A new year is approaching very fast, so instead of wishing our readers Happy New year, we are going to make their year happy. We are going to make your year happy by providing you tips to a fastly grow your career. A new year is all about technology and programming. So, it would be best learn new programming languages to grow your career even more.

By taking into the consideration stock flow, MNC tactics, freelance market, and future trends. Our expert Hitesh Choudhary has studied all the leading programming languages and made the list of programming languages that are going to float upcoming year. These five languages have the tremendous scope and have potential to land you a great job.

All these below mentioned programming languages has equal potential, so learning all them would be awesome. Let's check out the 5 programming languages which have a tendency to uplift your career graph.

Top 5 Futuristic Programming Languages

#5. C# (C- Sharp)

The language which we are going to first discuss is C#. This language stood on number five but it doesn't make C# less functional. As gaming industry is swapped with the C# features and this language has few really cool features. But, according to other programming languages, C# has gradually decreased that's why this language has been put on slot five. But, future of C# is very bright and positioning it in your resume will definitely help you in 2018.

#4. Swift

You may argue with this language, but we can't miss the job opportunities availed by this language. This language is only for Apple devices and only runs on Apple devices. That's why some people think it unnecessary. But, guys we can't ignore the fact that Apple brand has grown tremendously in last few decades. Moreover, their app market is profitable, so if you want to create an iOS app, then learning swift is the must.

#3. Java/Kotlin

Number three slot is shared by two great languages Java and Kotlin. I don't think so it is any use to tell you guys importance of Java as you are very well familiar with it. Because you can't create and operate Android apps without Java, period. So, learning Java is like learning ABC, you can't live without. On the other, after getting the title of Android official language Kotlin has gained tremendous popularity. That's why these two programming languages are stepping stone of your career.

#2. JavaScript

JavaScript is used for the web development, so its scope is always going to remain. As today every small and big business needs a website and for that learning tweaks of JavaScript is essential. As JS file is used mainly to run client-side JavaScript code on a webpage. The JS file contains all the HTML HEAD and BODY objects in the tags of an HTML page. So, ignoring JavaScript can affect your career negatively.

#1. Python

The fastest growing programming language. The Python programming language is freely available and makes solving a computer problem almost as easy as writing out your thoughts about the solution. The code can be written once and run on almost any computer without needing to change the program. Python is the futuristic language and your career booster.

And, most importantly from the new year, all these programming languages will be available at learncodeonline, so friends now don't miss on new learnings.

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