Top 5 programming languages for mobile application development


Rapid growth in mobile application industry:

As we are familiar with the rapid growth of the smartphone utilization in the globe and with that surge in the mobile application can be seen. Today every business organization is launching their mobile app to enhance their business and with that, the need of the mobile app developers has been increased in the industry. Mobile app developers are the academic field which is very bright and the job opportunities in mobile app field are tremendous. If you are a beginner and looking for the perfect career opportunity in the Mobile app development, then you need to get familiar with few dynamic programming languages. The list of few dynamic programming languages that a mobile app developer must know is given ahead and to nourish your career start learning these languages today, folks.

Must known programming languages by mobile app developer:

  1. HTML5

The basic language for the beginners to start with the mobile application would be HTML5. The language is perfect to design the web fronted mobile app and this language has numerous benefits also. In HTML5 developers can make various data types simply to insert, accounts for different screen sizes, rationalizes input parameters, and even levels the browser playing field. The language is very easy to learn as compared to other programming languages and working in this language is more cost effective also. If leave we limitations of the HTML5 aside, this language is highly effective and used by numerous developers.

  1. Java

It is hard to miss the Java when we are talking about dynamic programming languages. An object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle), Java can be run in two different ways: either in a browser window or in a virtual machine that can do without a browser. Java is very effective if you developing a program for the Android platform, but Java isn’t much effect on the iOS platform. But still learning Java is highly good for the mobile app developer.

  1. Swift

Swift is the latest programming language that is designed to work on the Apple operating system only. This cool language can work with the Apple’s latest APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch to write code in it. The mobile app developers of the latest generation should definitely need to learn the ropes of this programming languages as the demand of iOS platform developers is very high in the market.

  1. Objective-C

Objective-C is another language primary for the mobile app developers to design the scalable and robust iOS apps. This language has plenty of interesting features that supports the iOS app development. Moreover, as part of the Apple development framework, Objective-C is fully integrated into all iOS and MacOS frameworks. But nowadays more rush is being diverted to the Swift programming language, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t important to learn this language.

  1. C#

The most coveted programming language for Windows Phone app development, C# does the trick for Microsoft that Objective-C does for Apple. Although Windows Phone platform isn’t that popular as iOS or Android platforms, still it is nice for mobile app developers to learn it to enhance their knowledge and job opportunities.

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