Top 5 reasons to learn iOS development!


It seems like the debate to know what platform is better for mobile development is never ending. There has been many reasons to learn Android development, but reasons to learn iOS development is no less as well. So, what should be one’s choice when it comes to mobile development. In this article, I will be focused to provide information where iOS development is going to outstand android development.

Here are top 5 reasons to learn iOS development :

  1. Quality of Applications
    It’s is extremely important to note that, the number of apps developed in Android environment beats iOS with quite a big margin but, importantly it’s not about the number rather it’s more about the quality of the applications. The Android doesn’t match iOS development, when it comes to the quality, niche, games and flow of the applications developed in iOS. Even at most of the cases, an iOS user is likely to face less app crashes and a better experience when compared to an Android user, which actually sums us that the apps developed in iOS may be less in number but, the existing one are more trustable & more better in performance.
  2. Involvement of Money
    iOS devices are focused at a wealthier market contrasted with various Android ones. This implies clients have more cash and will spend more cash. Cash doesn’t simply originate from client buys, it can likewise originate from Advertisements. iOS clients will perceive any advertisement you show and you will get paid. Android doesn’t utilize a sandbox demonstrate for applications so on the off chance that you introduce a promotion blocking application then it could meddle with your application and cause the advertisements not to be appeared, which implies you don’t get paid. This is the primary reason why an iOS developers earns a lot more than an Android developer all over the globe.
  3. Same Hardware
    The million diverse screen sizes and equipment capacities of Android are a torment in the head for designers. Attempting to make an amusement have a similar ordeal for a 5 inch screen that could run the diversion at 60 fps and a 4 inch screen that battles with 20 fps is testing. This is not the scenario with in case of Apple devices as the size are not different or even they are, the change is pretty less.
  4. Your App Presence
    Apps are sorted out into classes and positioned utilizing a perplexing calculation which joins add up to downloads, late download volumes, and conceivably dynamic clients. Likewise, they made a star rating and survey framework which impacts clients to download apps with awesome appraisals and audits. Apps for the iOS stage must be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and if the app is great, it will profit by the App Store positioning framework which will enable it to be seen by a lot of individuals, particularly on the off chance that it is positioned in the Main 10 of it’s classification or in the Best 200.
    Generally speaking the iTunes App Store gives the iOS app engineer better perceivability when contrasted with its primary Android store contender, Google Play.
  5. Decreased Fragmentation
    iOS is a shut stage. That implies Apple has add up to control over its gadgets and programming. They outline all their own particular equipment and programming which enables them to utilize strict rules for how they connect with each other. This is extraordinary for engineers in light of the fact that there are a set number of gadgets that help iOS and notwithstanding when Apple turns out with another gadget, their outline is not that not the same as their past forms of their equipment. Today there are just 20 distinct sorts of Apple cell phones. Apple has additionally made it simple for clients to get the most recent working framework (OS) for their gadget. This implies the reception rate for the most recent OS (46.3%) is substantially higher than the most recent Android OS, Pack Kat. (20.9%). An iOS app is less expensive to create because of the low measure of craftsmanship resizing and testing costs.

The above reason are strong enough to realise you the importance of iOS development. Check out the most advanced course here : Complete iOS10 development Bootcamp

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