Top 5 most Secured Email Providers


The need of secure e-mail providers:

Sending and receiving e-mail is the new way communication of the technology century. We all send emails whether they are related to work or of personal nature. Emailing is very integral part of today’s business environment and still, none of us pay attention towards the e-mail security. People thought that they are not doing any illegal work or not have anything to hide, so why to pay attention to email security. That’s why most of the people have fifteen years long Gmail or Yahoo free account, which is good but they are not secured at all. As your normal Gmail or any other free email account can be easily hacked by the unethical elements and your personal information can be retrieved from it and can be used against you. So, it is highly important to pay some attention towards the e-mail security and make some actions towards sending secured e-mail from the dynamic provider.

There are numerous highly secure email service providers which create 100% secured environment for you. Here we are going to share top 5 most secure email providers to create secure ambiance.

  1.  ProtonMail

This is the most secured and preferred email providers service. According to the Forbes called it “the only email system NSA can’t access” and with good reason to adopt this secured e-mail provider. ProtonMail is based out of a security center in Switzerland, developed by scientists at CERN and MIT. That means US security team can’t access to your end to end encryption emails as it is out of their service sector. This service is an end to end encrypted, which means once e-mail sends it is protected till the e-mail isn’t opened by the receiver. This service provider is free but you can buy the premium version for more features.

  1. Mailfence

Mailfence is a bit different from the other secured e-mail providers as they function slightly different from the rest.  It uses OpenPGP public key encryption which offers end-to-end encryption based on a key that you share with the recipients of your emails. This whole feature is optional, of course, so you don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole for every mundane email you send.

  1. Tutanota

This is a cool open sourced network in which emails are bounded with the end to end encryption and to which none Tutanota user can also reply easily. This server is free with the 1 GB space and no aliases, but one can enjoy unlimited features of Tutanota by paying a €1/per month.

  1. Kolab Now

This server is also open sourced with the base located in Switzerland which makes it incredibly secure. This service mostly attracts the big and small enterprises. The basic plan of the service starts with $4.99 and it has numerous other features such as the integrated note-taking app, email tagging support, contacts and calendar, shared folders and more.

  1. Countermail

This is yet another unique secured e-mail provider, the unique feature of this provider is that it has the USB protected the system in which your account doesn’t open without inserting the USB port. Countermail supports Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows and also has IMAP support, so it highly secured provider for your emails.

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