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With the epidemic growth of the smartphone utilization and more availability of the internet services, the trend of going viral by using the plenty of social media tools has been in full swing. Especially in the India where every new trend is adapted very fast. Nowadays to showcase their talent and let the world know about their programming skills technology geeks are taking the advantage of numerous social media platforms. The most used platform by techies will be YouTube as it enables them to visual share their talent and plenty of Indian tech YouTubers are getting a tremendous response. According to data, in India, every month some 20,000 active YouTube channels upload 3.8 lakh videos, get 9.48 billion views and attract 1.1 crores, new subscribers. The average Indian viewer spent 475 minutes watching 79 videos a month in 2015.

Well, that’s quite satisfying data for new tech YouTubers and if you guys looking for few interesting tech YouTubers to enhance your technical knowledge, then we have few options as:

#1. Hitesh Choudhary

The first tech YouTuber that can help you in your technical stuff would be Hitesh Choudhary. He is a person on a mission to provide all the technology related information under his YouTube channel. This guy has around 70K + subscribers at the moment, but the number is increasing rapidly. As the guy provides easy lessons to learn the programming codes to the beginners and users can also check out his website for more questions. So, the learncodeonline channel is the ultimate destination of new aspiring programmers to learn something new. Most Importantly unlike most of other tech channels where the primary focus is related to latest gadget and hardware related stuff, Hitesh’s main objective is strict to provide knowledge related the core IT & programming languages.

#2. Ranjit Kumar

Ranjit Kumar is a Hyderabad based programmer and living a comfortable life, but he was bored to death with his routine. So, he started to upload gadget reviewing videos on the YouTube. In the first year, he hardly got any views and just 1,600 subscribers. He persevered, uploading six videos a week. Things started to change around 2014, recalls the 38-year-old. Now, he adds 800-900 subscribers a month.

#3. Ash

This guy closely follows Ranjit Kumar’s YouTube channel and like him, he also reviews the latest gadgets. But Ash of C4ETech reviews gadgets as soon as they realize and for that he imports products from outside the India. He mostly imports phones from the Chinese giant Xiaomi from China itself. So, he is trying to provide new reviews frequently to the Indian audiences.

#4. Gaurav Chaudhary

He is an Indian based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates makes “TECHNICAL” videos and twist them a little bit for users to better understand. He makes the boring technical video very interesting and translates them into the Hindi for the audiences to better understand them. His friendly way of interaction is more loved by peoples and he is popularly known as “TECHNICAL GURUJI”.

#5. Praval Sharma

The guy started YouTube channel with the aim of providing technical knowledge to the Indian audiences in their mother tongue Hindi. He provides products reviews and other technical stuff information in Hindi on his YouTube channel Sharmaji Technical. He provides recent news and technical events related information on his YouTube channel with the 572305 subscribers.


Subscribe to all of them today, and we are sure you will always remain ‘technically’ updated. 😉

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