Top 5 text editor for Web development


Top 5 text editor for Web development

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Now in today’s video where can I talk about something special with everybody needs it be text editor now if a learning a web development skill or if you are already a full fledged web developer text editors are the one of the most important thing that everybody should have now there is no shortage of text editors in the market but there are obviously at choice and some kind of a popularity among the text editors so in this video will talk about the top 5 tech text editors that I personally recommend to everyone and by no means this is not a comparison between which one is one which one is 5 day they are almost equally good and they to have their fan base as well so these are the organs which I do recommend as well as by the end of the video I will show you which one I personally prefer and I use that as my daily driver so let’s get started okay again I would say by no means this is not a comparison of ranking which one is good which one is bad these all five are equally beautiful and powerful and are recommended ok so that start the number one with sublime text now if you are aware of sublime text that’s good if you are not aware of it I would say on what planet you are living up every web developer every web programmer or maybe other program it as well I pretty much aware of sublime text now recently sublime has is revolved out their 3rd version which has been into the development for quite a long time and finally they have come up with a version 3 and it’s very powerful very lightweight and I used that quite a lot now I do use other editors as well we’ll talk about later on but right now I use sublime text write a lot in fact it’s always there in my computer is my PC my laptop with my work it’s always there maybe I will be working on that or not but if I need to open up some good files quickly I use sublime text there and I would also accept that I don’t use sublime text as my daily driver because although it’s very good but there are better options available which have personal thing they are but a lot of people are still a big fan of sublime text in case you haven’t heard about the sublime text yes I would say don’t miss that all this is an awesome guy do check it out so that someone sublime text now number 2 I would like to talk about the brackets available at this link is also very powerful text editor it can do a lot of job for you the HTML CSS JavaScript and everything that you see in the web development can be done seamlessly on this edition now I used to be a big fan of that I have used that for over a year and now I have moved from the brackets and reason for fall although its Adobe product and its free product open source one but recently what I have a field into the bracket that the community is now not working on the bracket and updates are really slow sometime It’s really a Buggy there and it’s not up to the mark but still its a great idea I have used it for a long time and still it’s really really amazing one the feature that had impressed me a brackets in the very early days it was not there in rest of the browser rest of the editor was it live reloading teacher and life is really really amazing when you don’t have to hit the reload whenever you save your file it it’s really so beautiful there you just write the code save it and automatically reloads and shows everything it’s amazing I was being amazed by this feature but a letter on a lot of text editor included the plugin for that and that a girl now it’s a common feature everywhere but still I love to use brackets I do recommend it has got some amazing and dance amazing features live reloading is pretty awesome it still there installed in my computer but I really open that up I cannot remember when the last time I open that our body use that but still its there living somewhere I have eating does in my computer maybe uninstall it later on but still its worthwhile to check out brackets and next step in our list is Visual Studio code now all the being a Microsoft product I didn’t expected much from it but I was wrong this time Microsoft has done at tremendous job at Visual Studio code in Visual Studio code can come play with a lot of programming language is not just HTML CSS and JavaScript over it does support a lot of other languages as well and this product is simply amazing and I was really thrilled to see in this much amount of potential in that language its past its real Rarely rarely get a i really see a crush on that and in case you are working on something like angular typescript you might already being a kind of a big fan of this editor I love that but still I don’t work on Visual Studio code now there are always preferences but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing and I’m pretty sure you will be amazed if you check out this editor now at first I thought that this is a Microsoft product and it will be available on only Windows are just like that but you will be amazed to see that all of the editors that I am talking in here are available cross platform whether you are working on Windows Linux on Mac there available everywhere and this is one of the things that are always do I always look up for the product which is available for the cross platform because I have to think about students as well that if I’ll be writing code in something they will be also writing the code in that thing and probably not at least they will be trying to see that he our environment should look at least exactly same well look up for this option that whatever things I am using a cross platform and available everywhere so go ahead check out Visual Studio code amazing editor there in case you are working for angular typescript you will love it next up in a c 9 dot iOS 9 as well now this is not an editor I would say that in the very first section of our video that this is not in just a little this is a complete full fledged ID and it’s basically online service which you get an on the online service you can install it basically a complete machine you get an instance of a machine and you can install node there you can install PHP you can install Ruby whatever you get and they also supply you with an editor you can just run a terminal at the bottom or wherever you wish and you can write some could you can have the files at the full fledged editor on which you can work now one great thing I love about the Cloud 9 is it supposed to the node JS whenever I have to work on node JS whenever I have to give a boot camp on node JS on me we have to teach it in online class I always prefer Cloudnine because setting up an environment on node JS on the local machine sometimes can be tricky it’s right now it’s so simple is installed is next next next year ago and agree its ok but in the starting days it was Shootout At Cloud 9 all I can do is just click on a button and Cloud 9 environment is being set up now I can focus on what I want to deliver on the node JS rather than just fixing up computers of the students have just working on there so I used to hate that and then Cloudnine came up and save the day by saying now we support node JS with just one click you can just get access of node JS and give to live server and working and feel of working on a live environment where can host your website can do anything on the go make mistake the air crash the server or something like that is pretty amazing so I use Cloud 9 whenever I used to have to work on node JS I use it as a kind of a daily driver because I work on node JS and not the least on a village is now in case you haven’t heard about that I would highly highly recommend you to go ahead and check out at I’m now I use atom as my daily driver I write code everything I could whether it’s in HTML basic editing or maybe some JavaScript I have to write ohri’s 100 may be anything else I would love to use atom in that one thing that I loved about the atom is it back and Company get up now you might have already guessed that I am a big fan have a lot of repository in GitHub to recommend everybody to get aware of the GIT and GitHub as well by the way these are two different things let’s talk about them later on and some videos coming back onto atom now from being supported by the Getaway love its cross platform available for Mac Windows and Linux Hack ability the ability is simply amazing night and you can you can customise it the way you want because it’s completely being a design in HTML CSS and JS you can write code that can make that it however you want it now I recently wanted a support of terminal at the bottom of the editor you can write the code in have that recently also I wanted that hate that’s terminal colour should be changed up I don’t like this like I want a green one there so you can just customised by writing a simple few lines of JavaScript and their work is done also I love the amazing support of snippets as well I can just right quick said that I used some classes predefined template boilerplate I just threw them all in the key and the atom I love that now please I’m not the only thing that atom can do atom has got a great support of the community so that that means a lot of plugins are also available that can do anything that you can imagine in that now I think I am little bit Biased towards that and I would say yes I am I love it when I use it as my daily driver but again along with the atom there is always a sublime text as well I don’t know why but it’s hard to get rid of that the sublime text completely call me old fan or something but I still keep that guy always in my computer and I sometimes do work on that as well I would not lie on that but I sometime work on sublime text as well but most of the time I daily driver is out of this is the whole complete my views about what editors I use and why do I recommend them and knowledge about now in the comment section I will be waiting for your comments to check out that What editor you are using If you are using atom sublime text or maybe some others as well I prolly we can get some really good information in the comment section and possibly can skip expand this video in further one more video that these I also 5 amazing awesome editors that people yeah I’ll be waiting for your comments and I’ll catch you up in the next

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