Top 5 trending technologies of 2017

Light on the term Technology:

Technology is the terminology which has been heard a lot these days. The technology is not some one-time thing, this is the continuous process of finding and inventing something which no has ever thought of. Today we are surrounded by the technology from the head to toe and the zeal to develop in technology is the trend of a 21st century. The new inventions can be seen in the technology in the last decade and tremendous uplift can be seen in this field. Every day something new has been developed in the course of technology and people are presenting something new and obnoxious in front of the world. 2017 also have contributed some new technology trends in front of us by far and few of the leading trends I am about to share here.

5 most trending technologies of 2017 are:

  1. Web development.

The emerging trend of the technology is web development. As the name suggests that the web developing means making improvement or creation in the field of web. Today everything is going online from buying grocery to finding the groom. Everything is on the web, so being too popular the web developers are making quite buzz in 2017 and numerous developments have been made in this field of technology. So, if your web developer than your future is very bright.

  1. Mobile app development.

With the increase in the demand for the smartphones, the field of mobile app development is a gaining very popularity. The mobile app development is the field which is responsible for generating mobile apps and maintaining them. The popularity of this technology trend can be seen from your own smartphone, which is right now stocked with the numerous apps. Nowadays app is available for every occasion and every website has their own app. So, this is a very trendy field of technology which has numerous opportunities ready.

  1. Web security.

With the development of digital banking and exposure to the Internet, the new trend got very importance called as web security. In the last few years web crimes are increasing very rapidly and to prevent from the web thieves this technology development is very crucial. The web security deals with the threats of viruses, phishing, and malware. So this web security technology safeguards the users from any kind of cyber crime and also safeguards their interests by providing them security shield.

  1. Virtual Reality.why to learn android development online

A very cool technology trend which is getting very popular nowadays. VR is the technology which takes us to the another level by blocking our senses and importing us to the virtual world. Oculus Rift and some other companies like Google are taking steps in the field of this technology, but this technology is like a  new baby which is still learning to walk.

  1. Artificial Intelligence.

The technology to impart artificial intelligence into the machine is very much in trend. Making the machine capable of performing numerous tasks with its own intelligence without any human input is the technology which needs huge invention and plenty of scopes is present in this technology field.


The technology is changing very fast and its trends are changing even faster, so it is very important to stay in touch with changing trends of the technology to take the benefit of the technology. Find most advanced courses on Web & App Development and Internet Security at Learn Code Online.

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