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Okay, so e-commerce websites has totally revamped the method of shopping. Thus today online shopping from the internet is the trending thing. Every retailer today has to open one e-store to lure the online shoppers and to make their business grow. So, as it is understood that to open an electronic store a professional web developer is required and hiring one required lots of resources.

That’s why to aid the non-programmers, e-commerce platforms are available which allows sellers to make their online presence. As all the technical stuff is handled by the e-commerce platform and their functional plugins. So, anyone can operate their e-commerce website without the help of a professional.

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms available and every user has a different opinion about them. So, to help out new online sellers we thought it would be great to compress data of few selective users and present five top e-commerce platforms according to their user experience. So, these e-commerce platforms are totally ranked according to the users choice.

#1. Shopify

Okay, so with the positive remarks from 98% of the users Shopify stood at number one. The platform is the first preference of the new online retailers and almost every user is satisfied with the Shopify services. The users normally rank Shopify number one on two points:

  • It is highly easy to use with the simple user interface. The platform is so easy to manage that anyone can easily set up their Shopify account and start selling products.
  • Shopify supports third-party apps and this makes it very convenient for users to manage their website. And, that’s without any technical training.

#2. Squarespace

Well, just with little difference in positive remarks from the users of 94% Squarespace is our second best e-commerce portal. The platform got few minor issues with currency system and shipping, but apart from that Squarespace is a great system. The users like:

  • The simple to operate features of Squarespace are highly appreciated. One can configure, simple to add, delete and modify the inventory very easily. Moreover,  it allows us to easily keep track of our ins and outs with helpful metrics and sales graphs.
  • Templates available on Squarespace are very cool and helps in creating one stunning website.

#3. Big Cartel

On number three with the 91% of votes, we got a Big Cartel website. The users appreciate following features of Big Cartel.

  • It is the perfect option for the new startup owners who want to freshly start selling online.
  • One gets the benefits of Big Cartel only with a monthly subscription of $9.99.
  • It’s very easy to use, navigate and customize the shopfront.

#4. WooCommerce

Well, the 90% of the users like to work with the WooCommerce due to following reasons:

  • It has numerous functional plugins available and plenty of add-ons to shop.
  • WooCommerce has large online community base to help out the users.

#5. OpenCart

On number five with 88% user support, OpenCart is working very great. One might require little IT skills to operate it, but apart from that, it got plenty of paid and unpaid extensions. OpenCart may be getting fifth position, but it doesn’t mean it is not good.

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