Top 8 Reasons To Not Download iOS 12 Beta In Your iPhone


Don’t Download iOS 12 Beta

So, the much bigger and much awaited iOS update has been re-introduced by the Apple in WWDC 2018. Since then numerous news regarding the features and functions of the new iOS 12 Beta has been the hot topic of the industry. And, on the contrary, every iPhone user is dying to download the iOS 12 Beta in their devices.

But, what if we say to you that stop for a moment and don’t rush to download the new iOS update. Because this iOS 12 has some negative impact also such as bugs, glitches, compatibility issues, and other drawbacks. This is because currently, we are in the beginning face of the Beta technology and to make it smooth, Apple has to perform plenty of work.

That’s why from the buzzing news in the hackers market, we have enlisted the top 10 discussed the reason behind not downloading the iOS 12 Beta in your iPhone.

#Reason 1: Volume HUD Is Still There

Is the big volume box that every time appear when you change the volume of iPhone interprets you? Then, in the iOS 12 Beta version, you will have to again see this giant volume box as Apple hasn’t paid any attention toward this box. This might be a minor issue, but sometimes when you are looking at something important or live streaming, then this volume box irritates very much.

#Reason 2: Group Notifications Are Con

Well, Apple has been going all hyper about their new group notifications system. Where are the app related notifications are compressed into the one notification to keep the lock screen clean? Well, this feature of iOS 12 Beta has been highly appreciated, but in reality, it won’t deliver the expected result. In the test, it has been seen that apart from the native Apple apps, this group notifications didn’t work properly. Moreover, in third-party apps, the performance of group notification is very poor.

#Reason 3: SIRI Shortcut For Developers Only

The next most talked feature of the iOS 12 is the Siri shortcuts, but if you are not an iOS developer, then you can’t use it. As the Siri shortcuts are only available for the iOS developers only. Beta users have to get satisfaction from the Workflow by now.

#Reason 4: Siri Shortcuts Might Fail On The Homepage

If you have customized the site shortcuts and ready to use them. Be alert, because sometimes siri shortcuts app might fail on the homepad. That’s why siri shortcuts aren’t any sure short solution.

#Reason 5: iPhone Could Freeze

This is a very disturbing problem located while testing the new iOS 12 Beta that iPhone freezes for few minutes. Yep, doing some heavy task iPhone can freeze for straight 10 minutes before actually restarting itself. This is a very disturbing problem because iPhone’s has always been popular for their high performance. And, this freezing problem was detected while performing some document Airdropping.

#Reason 6: Group FaceTime Isn’t For Everyone

The group FaceTime has been a very interesting feature of the iOS 12 Beta. Apple device users have been very excited about this feature, but guys, group FaceTime isn’t for all the Apple users. If you are iPhone 6 and newer version users than you can enjoy group FaceTime. But, if you are using iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus, as well as the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air, then you have only support audio at this time.

#Reason 7: Camera Effects In Messenger

If you are looking forward to the camera effects in messages features, then you all Apple users are not getting it. Only iPhone SE and iPhone 6S and later can use the new effects, while, once again, no iPad can at all.

#Reason 8: T-Mobile Drop Call

Your internet call might drop with the iOS 12 if you shift from Wi-Fi to the cellular data during the call.

Now, we have given you the knowledge of few downsides of the iOS 12 Beta. So, now it’s, you whether you want to download the latest iOS update or not.

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