Top Best Free SharePoint Add-Ins Available in Microsoft’s App Store


Microsoft has been constantly expanding the add-ins for SharePoint. That’s to keep our lovely readers updated with the changing dynamics of Microsoft SharePoint add-ins, we are going to introduce you with the best SharePoint apps available on Microsoft store.

Well, The SharePoint add-ins work precisely the same way in Microsoft as they work in iPhone or Android devices. Apps are just used to add new features or applications to the current SharePoint page. The useful apps which are referred to as add-ins are available in Microsoft office store for quick download.

The SharePoint apps have been recently given the name SharePoint add-ins by Microsoft. This step was taken to distinguish between the extension platform and the office applications. To help you out below we have listed the new name of a few older ones.

– Apps for SharePoint = SharePoint Add-Ins
– App Web Part = Add-In Web Part
– App Web = Add-In Web
The most popular SharePoint Add-ins

Plenty of companies have already mapped out SharePoint. The reason behind is that they motivate a number of IT experts to select this tool, is that SharePoint can be altered according to the particular companies requirement. Moreover, developing new functions is time-consuming and takes expert knowledge. Here, Microsoft’s App Store gives the opportunity to download all stack of features and widgets without any extra effort.

So, here are the top useful SharePoint add-ins that need to be downloaded by you immediately.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 gives the opportunity to the users to easily convert process from simple tasks to complex works with just a few clicks. This can be achieved without using any extra line of code. That’s why this SharePoint add-in has secured the title of Office App Award 2017.

Office 365 Timesheet

It is a very user-friendly and internal business tool which is precisely used to clock times. This is done to obtain the management approval or prepare hefty business reports. Office 365 Timesheet is a very nice tool to record time sheets.

Task Management

This add-in will give the birds-eye overview of the task allocated to you by management. By using this tool you can assign your work to the various categories like an incomplete task, current work, work of the day and numerous other. This app will help you in plenty of different ways to manage your task.

Forms Designer by Virto

The Office 365 Forms Designer allows end users to create extensive and impressive SharePoint forms in just a few minutes. And, that’s without any knowledge of coding or programming languages. This SharePoint add-in helps out newcomers in numerous ways.

Metro Tiles

If you like to keep your things clean and especially, your workplace, then this is a perfect add-in for you. Metro Tiles can be used to create beautiful live tiles quickly and easily so that they can later on added to your SharePoint without any hassle.

Alerts & Reminders by Virto

Reminders are definitely useful by everyone. This SharePoint add-in for office 365 sends alerts, reminders, and notifications to SharePoint online. To establish the flexibility reminder system on your website. It is very cool and feasible feature for all the website owners.


As the name suggests, this add-in let the user create announcements and publish them in your SharePoint environment. It’s entirely up to user whom he or she wants to see the message. The message can be posted to the group, certain people or to the whole organization. It’s entirely up to the user of the announcement.

Okay, so people if you are still not using SharePoint add-ins and stuck with the older version of SharePoint 2007 or 2010, then you should immediately try these above-mentioned add-ins.

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