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There is no question that PHP is the most lucrative web development platform. Besides the popular websites, the accounting application like ERP and numerous e-commerce websites are using the PHP. Plenty of experts believe that MySQL is the only database that connects with the PHP. Well, that’s totally wrong as various databases are available to support PHP.

It’s just that most of the developers don’t know how to implement the function in other databases. That’s why they keep on using MySQL, however, if you don’t want to use what everyone is using, then for you plenty of different PHP databases are available.

Top PHP Database Technologies

So, here we have listed the different PHP databases on the basis of their popularity. Thus the most used database is ranked first while the less popular ones are listed below.

#1. MySQL

It would be a crime if we don’t put MySQL on the number one position as it is undoubtedly the most used database. It is the open sourced database which available worldwide whereas the paid version of the database is also available. The popular applications like SugarCRM, Magento, WordPress, and Drupal are using MySQL. Moreover, the big names like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Google are also relying upon MySQL. It gives the web-based interface which can be used in managing the database.

#2. PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL was launched in 1995, with the main focus on compliance and standards. Compared to MySQL, PostgreSQL has more powerful features. It has advanced optimization and compressive attributes which makes PostgreSQL stand in the league of Oracle. Most popular applications of PostgreSQL are OpenBravo and PostERP. If you are a windows user, then it’s not beneficial for you to ditch MySQL. As web development using .NET and.ASP is going to cost more. This is the reason some people avoid using this application.


SYBASE was created in Berkley and is currently used by the team of SAP AG. It is mostly used by enterprise database management, this solution has proved to be useful in performing under extreme load and suits best when an organization requires a big database. It can easily connect with PHP using sasql_connect() command just like the MySQL.

#4. IBM-DB

This system was established in 1983, it was highly used in the paired with the mainframe system. IBM-DB2 is used in a number of large-scale ERL and e-commerce developers. To connect this database with PHP, you require the help of PECL extension.

#5. Oracle Database

It is the best-established database of the present times. Oracle Database is quite useful for Windows and Linux users. It impossible to come across enterprises not using this database. To connect with the PHP, you need the help of an OCI8 extension. When you have an oci_connect function it can be used to connect to the database whereas Function oci_close () is useful in disconnecting the connection.

#Other Database

Apart from the above mentioned five PHP databases, there are numerous other databases available that you can connect with the PHP. Some databases are open source while some are proprietary. Here we are enclosing a few more names of the databases which you can use with PHP;
• Cubrid
• DB++
• dBase
• filePro
• FireBird/InterBase
• FrontBase
• Informix
• Ingres
• MaxDB
• Mongo
• mSQL
• Ovrimos SQL
• Paradox
• SQLite
• SQLite3
• Tokyo Tyrant

Okay, so as you now know that various database options are available for PHP, then it’s time to think hard before picking up your database. We hope that you enjoy our article and will show your appreciation in the comments box.

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