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Resources for Android Developers

Well, if you are looking for your next career move, then you can try your luck as an Android apps developer. Due to the high demand in the Android apps industry, the developers have a high scope in this sector. Today, good Android developers can easily earn between 300000-400000 per month. Now that’s a good pay scale.

However, if you are confused about where to start your Android development journey. Whether should you download SDK, Learn java, or join any professional course. Well, if you are just starting your journey as Android developer, then we will recommend you to first try out following mentioned free online available resources to enhance your knowledge.  


There is nothing better than the original website of the Android for learning the tweaks of the Android development. On the official website of the Android, you will get depth information on the Android development and the Google cloud sharing. The development team of the Android has to spend decent time in drafting the how-to tutorials for the beginners.  The Android programming has been defined with the authentic references and tutorials on the official website. That’s why for the beginners this is the most authentic and useful source of learning Android development.

#2. Java

If you are looking for some serious career in Android development, then you have to learn the java first. The java is the official language of the Android, so before learning Android development you have to focus on Java. From the official website of the oracles, the site owning the java, you can learn numerous java concepts. But, if you are looking for ‘what is a java’, then this is not your place to learn as it provides help to the advance java learner’s only.

#3. Codecademy

Codecademy has been a popular place for learning basic computer codes for a very long time now. Not, particular on the Android coding, but you will get plenty of different coding tutorials on the Codecademy. There you will get tutorials on the python, HTML, JavaScript and numerous other programming languages tutorials are available on this site. Here you might not get tutorials on the coding for an actual Android app, but you will indeed get some basic ideas.

#4. Vogella

Similarly, like the Android official website, you will get plenty of in-depth learning material on Android development on this site. All the Android tutorials on the Vogella are presented for the beginners, so if you are looking for tech quizzes or deep coding, then this isn’t for you. It is a very simple and informative site for the Android learners at the very beginning phase of their career.

#5. Envatotuts+

Envatotuts+ is a yet another website based on the written tutorials. There is a huge selection of courses available here which range from general overviews to more specific tasks like handling intents and acquiring device sensor data. There’s even a short course on developing for Google Cardboard! There are also a good number of general Java tutorials available, specifically on the Android development. So, for how to based articles, you can use this free source.  

#6. Treehouse

This isn’t an entirely free learning experience, but here you will get numerous code challenges, interesting quizzes, and different learning videos. This site offers totally a new learning system to the users, the level of software development system shared here plus the live chatbots is beyond your imagination.  This site is very well structured and filled with numerous Android development tutorials.

Well, if you are looking for some really nice and authentic Android development training, then you can enroll with this particular website. You can register with the LearnCodeOnline for deep Android development learning courses or can keep on following our free daily blog. Meanwhile, you can check out all the above mentioned free Android development resources to get more knowledge on the Android development.

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