Top Predictions for Machine Learning & Data Science


What Future Holds Up For Machine Learning Technology?

The Machine Learning has been now prevailing in the market for the pretty long period. The impact of the machine learning on the data science can be seen very prominently. So, we thought it is a right time to evaluate the future of the machine learning and predict some interesting facts about the machine learning from the context of field experts.

So, the top trending predictions regarding the machine learning and data science are, as:

Prediction 1: Rapid Growth in Automatic Machine Learning

As we know in the machine learning, everything revolves around data analysis. And, to collect this data, the responsible and knowledgeable data scientists are required which we may tell you isn’t easy to hire. So, that’s why to eliminate the need for data scientists the huge investment is made in the area of Automated Machine Learning platforms.

The impact of the AML has already been seen in the form of DataRobot, Xpanse Analytics, and PurePredictive. These platforms have enabled one-click-data-in-model-out convince. Several data science tasks have been eased out by the opening of these vendor shops.

And, according to the one judgment by 2020, 40% of data science tasks will be automated. Those days are not far when data collection and selection will be fully automated as every other day new data vendor in insurance, telecom and lending areas can be seen.

Prediction 2: More Data Science Specialists Will Be Required

 To some extent, this prediction has already come true. Well, you see the task of data scientist isn’t to just gather data without using his knowledge and skills. And, with the change in the requirements of every industries data requirement. The special data scientists need surges apart from the full stack data scientist.

Like, banking sector requires skills for fraud detection and abuse, but on the other hand, e-commerce requires recommenders, weblogs, and click streams. So, one data scientist can’t handle all the task that’s why professional and special data scientists can be seen nowadays and will be seen more in the future.

Prediction 3: Non-Data Scientists Will Grow More

This is a topic of debate that how come you rely on non-data scientist for the crucial financial data analysis of your company. But, that’s what exactly will happen in the future where non-data scientists will analyze the data. Because the reality is that advanced analytic platforms, blending platforms, and data viz platforms have simply become easier to use, specifically in response to the demands of this group of users.

Moreover, these non-trained data scientists have 5X potential to grow and learn. So, why to waste time and money with highly trained data scientists when you can make so much money from the newbies. But, little room for the risk is always going to be there.

Okay, so you see readers, machine learning, and data science are going to show numerous different trends in the future. So, if you want to experience these trends first handedly, then immediately enroll in the LearnCodeOnline Machine Learning Course and be part of the predicted future.

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