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Okay, if you are going to start your own business website, then you are on the right track my friend because today if you want to rule the business world, then you have to get a lucrative business website. To attract more customers and provide valuable information to your current users about your business, you need a dynamic web design.

Now, if you are confused that what kind of web design should you adopt for your new website as there are plenty of different options available, then you should worry more. Yes, we are saying you to worry about your web design that’s because the whole image of your brand relies upon your website. So, if your website design isn’t functional, user-friendly and eye catchy, then you are set to doom.

Today, everyone before buying services or goods from your website is going to scrutinize your website fully and going to judge your business on the basis of your website. So, if you don’t want to stick to the bad web design and lose your valuable customers. For this, you have to understand the basic difference between the bad and the good web design.

Qualities of Bad Website Design

So, if your website layout contains any of the following qualities, then remove them instantly before it’s too late.

Outdated design

Web design trends are changing rapidly these days. So, if your website has an old design or you haven’t updated the content of your website in a while, then your user is going to get understand that as users are very smart these days. That’s why always keep your website updated as it going to affect your Google ranking also.

Complicated design

If your website isn’t properly designed and easily visible to your users, then your website traffic is going to bounce. That’s because averagely a user spends only 5 seconds on your website and if in this he or she can’t understand the functionality of your website, the user isn’t going to waste another second in decoding your complicated website.

Don’t have a mobile friendly website

Today number of mobile users have been increasing rapidly so in this your website needs to be mobile friendly. That’s because if your website layout isn’t designed to support mobile users, then you are going to lose plenty of potential users who could be your future customers.

Don’t have reviews or testimonies

When someone visits your website for the first time, then they are going to read your previous customers reviews or testimonies on your site to understand their experience. So, if your website design doesn’t showcase them, then your new customers will be not able to understand your credibility or they consider your site untrustworthy. That’s why you should publish testimonies or reviews on your website to improve your business credibility.

Qualities of Good Website Design

If you have the following traits in your website, then keep it up the good work as you are on the right track.

Informative content

If you are publishing the informative and useful content on your website, then you are following the right direction. That’s because the user wants to gain some information from your website and when they get what they are looking for, then they are going to come back to get more information next time also. You should take the help of blogs, e-books, tutorials, etc., to provide maximum information to your users.

Use videos and images

You should use interesting and relevant videos and images on your website to make it look visually presentable. The visually rich websites leave more impact on the minds of the users as alone content can make your website look boring. So, a good website has a perfect combination of content and infographics to present information in an interesting manner.

So, folks now you know the qualities of both the good and the bad web designs, that’s why always design the website with all the good traits. Because the image of your whole business depends upon your one website so craft your web design carefully after considering all facts.

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