Tricks to Improve your Website’s Conversion Rate  Optimization


Truth About Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Today, numerous conceptions and misconceptions regarding the conversion rate optimization present in the market. So, before understanding the hard truth about the conversion rate optimization, let’s establish what exactly is CRO and why it’s important for your business.

Conversion rate optimization means the rate of visitors who actually converts into the buyer. Because daily numerous visitors scroll throw your site, but only very few of them buys from your site. And, the journey from visitor to the customer is described as the conversion rate optimization.

Well, before we go further and study tricks to increase the conversion rate of your website, we want to clear some facts first:

– Traffic Doesn’t Matter. You might have million social media fans and plenty of readers scroll down to your website daily, but this doesn’t mean that your site’s conversion rate would be high. No, because there is a vast difference between having traffic and the actual customers. So, don’t peg your social media popularity as conversion rate optimization.

– Crystal Clear Goals. Before taking action towards improving your CRO make sure to clear your goals. Your Goals should be clear that whether you want to target the genuine buyers or just want to increase the traffic of your website. And, while defining your goals be realistic as you can’t set your hopes too high.

– No Solid CRO Plan. Conversion rate optimization plan can’t be copied. Your CRO plan will be tailor-made according to the level of your business and the nature of your business. So, never think about copying the conversion rate optimization plans of another site.

General Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks

Well, every conversion rate optimization plan is designed particularly for the business. But, make sure to include following conversion rate optimization tricks under your sleeves while customizing your CRO policy.

#1. One Goal At The Time

Okay, so if you want to convert your leads into buyers, you want to get email addresses for your monthly newsletters and you want to sale all your products. Phew, slow down and instead of doing everything and achieving nothing, take one goal at the time. If you want to get email addresses, then solely focus on it, don’t go after leads. Just stick to one goal at the moment.

#2. Align Your Sales Funnel

It’s time to go back to your business strategies and initial goals. It’s essential to line up your landing page optimization process with your sales funnel. In general, customers that are going through the conversion process are grouped into five categories; strangers, curious, involved, users and fans.

#3. Set Baseline

Before start monitoring the conversion rate of your site, you have to set the baseline with which you will compare the figures. This comparison will tell you whether your performance has improved from the last or has been reduced. Before designing the baseline for your conversion rate optimization goals make sure to include following factors in it.

  • Last months organic traffic.
  • Online negative and positive reviews.
  • A number of leads generated in the last 30 days.
  • The ratio of mobile users.
  • The rate of Investment etc.

#4. Study Your Customers Nature

To constantly provide the products according to your customers’ needs, you need to study the persona of your customers. For that, you can use digital tools like Typeform or you can rely upon the collaborative methods like empathy map to discover more about your customer’s persona. This is a continuous process.

#5. Limited Distractions

Keep your webpage completely focused upon your product. It has to be focused around the product so that customers won’t have to roam around to search the products. That’s why don’t include unnecessary ads and banners on your site. As customers don’t have time to solve the complex environment of your website.

So, there aren’t any set criteria available to increase the conversion rate optimization of your website. This is a hit and tries the method, where you have to implement different combinations of strategies and then have to observe their results. So, best of luck people, and we truly hope that you get desired conversion rate optimization balance soon.

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