Two Dynamic Trends Presented in this Year’s Internet Trend Report


Our Take On Internet Trend Report 2018

Being trending is the twenty-first-century trend, whether it’s fashion trends or the technology trends. Today everyone wants to be part of the trending group, but, however, keeping up with the changing trends of the technology isn’t a piece of cake. The trends in the technology industry have been rapidly changing and taking a unique shape.

In 2018,  KBCB’s internet report numerous trends related to the technology has been discussed. So, as we always try to keep our readers one step closer to the technology trends that’s why in this post, we will get insight into the two dynamic trends of the internet. In this post, we will get a glance at the two changes that will impact your future in the full swing.

The Growth Era of The Smartphone Is Over

Well, that golden era of smartphones growth has been over now. In past few years, tremendous fall back in the smartphone industry and mobile app growth has been recorded. Numerous successful mobile device companies like Nokia has demolished to the ground because of the technology hubs like Google and Apple.

When last year, Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai said, “they’re moving from a mobile-first to an AI-first company”. Then, that was hard to digest, but with this year Google AI demo, this statement has been justified. And, this won’t be wrong to say that Apple has been trying to achieve something similar to this also.

With the end of a mobile devices golden era, it doesn’t mean that people are suddenly going to stop using smartphones and start using AI. No, by the end of a golden era means that mobile phone manufacturers can’t grow their customer base anymore and certainly they can’t increase their revenue more. We here mean that smartphone manufacturers can’t expand their customers base as they have already captured everything.

The mobile app market will also face downside as the app developers use different tools to design their apps which web app developers can’t use. And, the Android and iOS Apps Store is swamped with the similar kinds of apps. So, there isn’t any innovation present in the app market.

Hey, but this end of a golden era has been not a curse, it’s actually being a virtue. As this downfall in mobile apps and smartphones industry leads to the following changes:

  • The cocktail of different technologies has been made such as Facebook’s React Native, Google’s Flutter, and Microsoft’s Xamarin.
  • All major web browsers are going for progressive web applications.
  • Google has been providing testing tools for the mobile app developers.

Smartphone Speakers Are The New Technology Trend

In the past few years, we seen splendid innovative technologies like AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, and many more. But, none of them has been adopted by users open-handedly as compared to the smartphone speakers. Yep, the Amazon and Google have changed the way interaction through their smartphone speakers.

Well, have you ever heard wondered that all you have to say something and the smartphone speaker will immediately reciprocate to it? It has been so unreal and magical, but the products like Amazon Echo has somehow made the unreal a real thing. The smartphone speakers are gaining the tremendous response and growth in the industry.  

Special Notes

According to the internet trend report following special notes are highlighted as:

  • A former SRE at Google once said to me that his general impression of mobile development based on what he’s heard others say at Google is that it’s a mess.
  • The mobile devs who have been earlier earning six figures income from the HTML are now making less as compared to earlier.
  • AR technology isn’t going to get the response in the computer system. There is a future for AI, but not for AR.

This year internet trend report has dissected numerous changing dynamics of the technology sector. So, that was our take on the topic, if you have any special comment on the topic, then please share with us.

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