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In GoogleIO(17 May 2017 – 19 May 2017), Google’s announcement to make Kotlin as an official language of Android Development has come as an excitement news for few but at the same time brought a lot of confusion for others. Right after the announcement, there has been numerous amount of questions and confusions has popped up in the minds of student, coding experts and aspiring IT professionals. The most popular question has been with beginners and even experts is that weather they can continue to learn and progress in Java or is it time to switch to Kotlin? The questions regarding Kotlin are still unanswered to them as Kotlin is still new in the market and especially if we consider Indian IT sector.

To make this confusion a little less messy, I will be guiding you to make a correct choice regarding Kotlin or java.

  1. Java for Beginners

    If you are someone who is very new to the Java space or someone who is planning to either learn Java or Android development, its better you stick to Java for now. But Why? The most simple answer to this, Kotlin is still not matured in the market and if we talk about Indian market specifically, there are very very less companies who have started to work with Kotlin but that too on a very small scale. Also, as a beginner, the amount and quality of resources required to get comfortable with a technology is somehow needs to good enough which is exactly not the case with Kotlin. For example, its unlikely to find a very good course material to learn Kotlin or if you are stuck somewhere, the number of question/answer threads are very less as well. There is no need to panic as beginner as Java is here to last in the market for now, and with the amount of Java resources that present in the market, learning java will never be a problem. So, get comfortable with Java initially, and then you can always switch. 
  2. Intermediate Coders

    If you are someone who has already been working and using Java, and you find yourself completely comfortable using it. You can try your hands on Kotlin because it’s not going to harm you anyway as you are already very much satisfied with your knowledge in Java Programming. Also all those who are extremely confident developers and has already developed some Android Application that means you have somehow already cleared a challenge in your life, you must totally go for taking an introduction to Kotlin. It’s totally okay if your organisation or your business might not get projects related to Kotlin for now but eventually that time is approaching as well. Take Kotlin like a challenge, go through the syntax, write some code and see for yourself wheather Kotlin can be considered as an improved and upscaled version of Java or not? The answer is anyway going to be “Yes it is!” though it’s better to see that in person. 
  3. Experts or Creators

    If you are someone who develops applications like a walk in the park and has already gone through that every bit of Java and Android Development, I don’t think there should be any sort of doubt in your mind. Java is done for now and, you are the one’s who should get your hands on Kotlin and start showing your skills. I consider that Java is already old school for you, you should totally totally start with Kotlin because Kotlin will take time to evolve in the market but eventually it will. The experts or the pro java developers are the one’s who always play a vital role in the evolvement of any new technology. It’s not going to be there in the industry you are working in because of too many factors like team, policies, clients and what not but as I said it will. The market will swiftly move to Kotlin in a year or two totally or the giants definitely will.

Kotlin is there in the market for sometime now, but it came into the picture after the announcement of Google at GoogleIO and there has been some criticism regarding its usage as well. Though this has been the story of every new technology that has been introduced, it’s pretty sure that Kotlin will be everywhere by next year and just like other language did, Kotlin will take over the IT market for sure.

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